Pride 2023: SourceCode X Trevor Project

At SourceCode, we strive to support causes that align with our company values. Throughout the year, but in particular, during Pride Month, we're pleased to donate to The Trevor Project. In a current social and political climate where it's downright scary to be a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, the mission of The Trevor Project is as important as ever.

In addition to a generous donation, SourceCode is matching all donations from team members. It's our hope that by continuing to focus and be vocal on these major issues we have as a society, more organizations will join the fight to make our country one of acceptance and equality for all.

For more information on The Trevor Project or to get help, please reach out here.

SourceCode Communications Formalizes Artificial Intelligence Practice Keeping Client and Industry Trends Top of Mind

Sourcecode Communications, a leading technology public relations firm, is excited to announce the formal launch of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) practice area. While AI-focused companies have been a focus of the agency since its inception, the practice underscores the agency's continued commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation, meeting both clients and the industry's growing demands in the AI space.

The practice area will offer a range of services, including strategic messaging, media relations, content creation, thought leadership, measurement, and crisis communications. The team encompasses an array of AI and tech PR specialists to ensure clients receive top-notch counsel, comprehensive strategies, and superior execution to ensure AI is telling client stories more effectively and accurately.

"We've always prided ourselves on being ahead of the curve when it comes to technology trends. With the unprecedented growth of AI and its integral role in today's tech landscape, the formalization of this AI practice area was a natural step forward for us," said the agency's Executive Vice President, Kristen Stippich. "It's not just about keeping pace with the industry. It's about leading the charge, creating thought leadership, and delivering unparalleled value to our clients who operate in this space."

"AI has become a critical component of today's technology narrative. Our clients are not just implementing AI—they're shaping the future of it. This practice area is designed to support these innovators and visionaries by providing strategic communication that amplifies their impact, influence, and reach," Stippich continued.

The launch of this new formalized practice area underscores Sourcecode Communications' continued dedication to advancing the field of tech PR and supporting the growing ecosystem of AI innovation. To learn more about the launch of SourceCode Communications AI practices visit our AI Expertise page.

Establishing Accredible as an Award-Winning Brand

Accredible, a leading digital credentialing platform, wanted to grow its brand image, elevate the company’s credibility and further establish itself as a leader in the emerging digital credentials market. 


With Accredible serving multiple industries, SourceCode identified award opportunities across a variety of relevant verticals to raise visibility and credibility across all facets of the business. Our application strategy focused on the company’s impact and results, backed by internal growth data, to secure top-tier awards and elevate the brand’s status as the leading digital credentials provider


Accredible received recognition from 5 respected industry awards: Deloitte Technology Fast 500: Ranked #134 nationwide; Inc. Best Workplaces: Accredible made the list for its innovative benefits, flexible culture and top-line workplace tech offerings; EdTech Breakthrough Award: Accredible named best Social Recruitment Provider of the Year; Inc. 5000: Accredible named to 2023 Inc. 5000 List; Fast Company Next Big Things in Tech: Accredible named a 2023 honoree.

Getting Industry Recognition for Featurespace

Hoping to increase awareness in the US tech market, Featurespace leveraged SourceCode to identify and submit awards focused on the innovative technology. SourceCode worked to pull back the curtain on the complex technological challenges faced by financial institutions in order to earn Featurespace industry-wide recognition for its technological innovations in fraud prevention


SourceCode conducted a deep dive into Featurespace to thoroughly understand what about its product and technology made them stand out the most. We utilized these findings to develop easy-to-understand messaging that was used to create persuasive, compelling submissions for reputable industry awards. In each submission, we supplemented product-related details with real customer stories and successes that brought to life the tangible differences in fraud rates and successful attacks while using Featurespace. We also included Featurespace owned-data, as well as interviews, shared presentation decks, and other collateral in the submissions in order to demonstrate Featurespace’s industry prowess and why it should be recognized.


Featurespace was named a finalist for the 2022 Banking Tech Awards in the ‘Tech Team of the Year’ Category and winner of the 2022 UK AI & Machine Learning Awards  in the category for Best Use of Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics.

Landing Blockparty a Spot on the SXSW Stage

SXSW is one of the most influential festivals in the world. Blending a mix of creativity and innovators, it’s known to be an achievement incubator. As an early player in the NFT space before the term gained mainstream attention, Blockparty wanted to establish itself as a key player and innovator in the space, specifically one that makes this technology useful and applicable to the daily consumer.


Supplementing our ongoing proactive media outreach, we identified and pursued key speaking opportunities for Blockparty CEO, Vlad Ginzburg. After building out a robust speaking and events calendar, we chose to zero in on SXSW, given the event’s reputation for being ‘the place’ for up and coming tech startups, as well as its appeal to a wider consumer audience. We knew that SXSW would be a strategic place to put this topic on the map and hit a variety of key stakeholders, including potential future partners for the Blockparty marketplace – a key business goal of theirs.

Once we aligned on our strategy with the client, we developed a topic and built-out submission for a panel led by Blockparty CEO and other panelists who would be able to speak to the potential of a platform like Blockparty in an organic way, providing third-party endorsement. The panel was initially selected by SXSW and then SourceCode supported in promoting it in the public voting stage, which is ultimately needed to secure the panel slot.


As a result of our submissions, Blockparty’s panel was selected two years in a row. We supported with the preparation for the event, creating extensive briefing materials, scripts, and prep for all panelists to ensure smooth execution. We also worked to amplify the panel on-the-ground and secured media interviews for Vlad at SXSW to maximize his presence and extend conversations around the panel.

Following its first year success, SXSW promoted Blockparty as a featured panel in its second year as one of the event’s programming highlights.

Keeping Wisdom in the News Year-Round

Wisdom was well known in the pet care space, but was not breaking through with key consumer lifestyle outlets that would move the needle for their business. SourceCode sought to create a steady drumbeat of news in key lifestyle publications in order to keep the brand top of mind for customers throughout the year.


To supplement media coverage around news-related announcements, SourceCode identified relevant seasonal moments and holidays that presented an opportunity to highlight Wisdom’s products, customer stories, and pet expertise. SourceCode crafted tailored and creative pitch angles around these moments, including National Puppy Day, National Pet Month, DNA Day. We also recommended Wisdom tie their promotional calendar to these holidays to increase newsworthiness and offered reporters with dogs the opportunity to try Wisdom for themselves to ensure the product was top of mind for any pet-related coverage.


This approach helped us secure 10 pieces of coverage secured over 8 months, creating a presence for Wisdom in key consumer publications such as E! Online, USA Today, and Mashable. This media coverage yielded a higher SOV for Wisdom than its main competitors, Embark and Basepaws.

Metrics to call out:

  • 10 pieces of coverage secured over 8 months
  • 40% higher SOV than competitors

Putting Teltech Executives in the Spotlight

With spam calls and texts continuing to be on the rise especially in certain markets across the US, it is important to not only arm consumers with tools but also advice from experts in the space. Teltech is armed with data from their market-leading products, RoboKiller and TextKiller, giving their executives important insight to share with consumers across the country on how to avoid these scams. Our goal was to educate consumers, while also elevating and differentiating Teltech from their competitors and keeping the brand in the news at a consistent cadence, despite not having any formal product updates or announcements.


After conducting an audit of the wider industry and current media landscape, we identified the opportunity for Teltech to become a go-to media expert on timely and relevant topics around consumer data and security. We worked closely with Teltech’s VP of Marketing to prepare and establish her as the company’s key spokesperson who can comment on breaking news around FCC guidelines, data and security, local security breaches, and more. To complement expert commentary, we mined Teltech data for unique storylines and points to share with media, while continually jumping on timely breaking news and offering Teltech data and spokesperson to media as a trusted expert. We also rolled out a robust local outreach program to extend beyond national publications and ensure not just quality, but also volume of coverage at consistent cadence in order  to cast a wide net of visibility and trump the competition.


This strategy resulted in 11 pieces of local broadcast coverage over 4 months time with Teltech gaining visibility in key local markets such as Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia. The interest from local media continues to grow and insights from RoboKiller and TextKiller are also being discussed on a national media level by outlets like Cheddar and Forbes.


  • 11 pieces of local broadcast coverage
  • 10+ pieces of national coverage
  • Visibility in 10 top DMAs


Reuniting Dog Brothers on Good Morning America with Wisdom Panal

Wisdom Panel, the pet care company that allows pet parents to understand their pet’s DNA was always invested in using their data to bring pets and their owners together. Wisdom Panel tasked SourceCode with raising awareness of its new product feature that alerts users of their pets relatives found within their database.


SourceCode worked with Wisdom to create a CTA to their users in order to garner customer stories related to the relative finder feature. Once we received unique stories, we vetted them and began pitching them to media. Once interest was secured, we coordinated an in-person reunion with the dog owners and hired a videographer to capture the reunion.


This story secured Wisdom a digital segment with GMA that syndicated to additional national online publications such as ABC News and Yahoo, reaching more than 121M UVMs.

Metrics to call out:

  • Secured digital placement with GMA, which syndicated to other top tier outlets like Yahoo and ABC News.
  • Segment reached more than 121M UVMs.

Launching Luminous from Stealth

Luminous is focused on building a powerful, scalable AI supercomputer to solve problems facing the world today. SourceCode was tasked with securing earned media coverage to fuel brand awareness while Luminous was coming out of stealth mode and had no prior established media presence.


To quickly begin inserting Luminous into the news, SourceCode utilized executive expertise to focused on newsjacking around topics such as chip manufacturing, beginning to establish brand credibility and name recognition. We leveraged company milestones such as funding and executive hires to create bigger news moments for the brand, proving legitimacy and momentum while the business was in its early stages. We also parallel tracked proactive and reactive media outreach that amplified Luminous’s leadership bench of credible, qualified experts, offering them for commentary on a variety of timely topics ranging from company culture, to running a business, to building a supercomputer.


The media coverage generated from this strategy increased Luminous’ share of voice from 5.37% to 13.47% over the course of 8 months . We also saw success around key news moments such as Luminous’s funding announcement resulted in 33 pieces of coverage including top tier and targeted trade & local publications like SVBJ, VentureBeat, Fortune Term Sheet, Crunchbase, Axios, The Register and Inside AI, and the news of the appointment of Michael Hochberg as president, which resulted in 11 pieces of coverage with Photonics, Optics, SDxCentral, Bay Area Inno and Protocol. We also landed the company and founding story coverage with target trade industry pubs like  SemiWiki and top tier business press like Forbes.

Metrics to call out:

  • 40+ pieces of coverage over 8 months
  • 8% increase in SOV over 8 months

Elevating Luminous’ Executive Bench

Luminous is building the most powerful, scalable AI supercomputer to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Yet to GTM, Luminous’s brand was fairly unknown so SourceCode set out to establish Luminous executives as go-to sources for media and further elevate brand awareness.


When we kicked off our partnership, our team conducted in-depth discovery sessions with key executives to understand each one’s unique areas of expertise. From there, we developed distinct ‘swimlanes’ for each executive in order to efficiently divide and conquer our key spokespeople across trending media topics, casting a wider net of media coverage. After our initial intake session, we continually research and share timely news on a variety of relevant topics – from chip manufacturing to supercomputing –  with the Luminous team in order to get their perspectives and fuel media outreach. When relevant news breaks, we are prepared with commentary and quotes to quickly address trending news, allowing us to consistently nurture relationships with key media targets and remain top of mind. In addition to proactive pitching and reactive commentary, we also provide ongoing support with creating bylines that share Luminous executives’ thought leadership points and expertise. 



As a result of our executive sessions, we created four unique executive profiles and identified the strongest three to leverage with the media. Using this as the basis of our outreach, we secured a number of introductory and relationship-building conversations with reporters including The Hill’s Tobias Burns, Wired’s Will Knight and New York Times’ Cade Metz. We also used the perspectives gathered to support in drafting 4 abstracts for bylines on trending topics and placed them with top tier publications like Fast Company, as well as an additional 8 pieces of coverage with the likes of Time, San Jose Mercury News, The Next Platform and VentureBeat

Metrics to call out:

  • 4 executive platforms created
  • 2 top-tier reporter intros
  • 8+ top-tier articles earned
  • 1 byline drafted alongside SMEs
  • Editorial calendar creation for a steady flow of topics/articles to share with media