We are fortunate to live and work in one of the world’s most multicultural and diverse communities.  Founded in New York City where more than 800 different languages are spoken every day, we know that good communication is about more than knowing the words.  The motivations, cultural diversity and demographic nuances necessary for effective communications come from a true understanding of the communities we work among.  And representation is key to that understanding.

In 2020 we committed to being more intentional about building a team and a commercial entity that was both more reflective of the world we live in, and more financially engaged with communities of color.

We’ve made good progress over the past year but this is a work in progress and we recommit daily to making decisions based on equity and inclusivity.

Launched in July 2020 to provide pro bono marketing support to minority and women-led startups, the Diversity Marketing Consortium has expanded both its portfolio of agencies and its total amount of investment.  Aiming to deliver $3M in services to diverse entrepreneurs and rising leaders, our intention is to ensure that boardrooms of the near future more closely represent the world in which we live.

Racial Diversity:

As a result of our efforts over the past year to engage with and recruit from increasingly diverse talent pools, the SourceCode team today closely reflects the demographics of the US.  Currently, 13% of our team identifies as Black while 30% of our team identifies as a POC.  We are working on increasing BIPOC representation across all roles within our organization to ensure we are giving voice and opportunity to the best talent at all stages of their career.

SourceCode Team Breakdown

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WeRaise takes our industry-leading parental leave policy even further.  The agency is being built by and for moms and primary caregivers who are not ready to leave the workforce and yet might not be able to commit to the 40 hour week that most agencies demand.  Founded in response to the exodus of highly experienced women and primary caregivers from agency life – a trend only exacerbated by the pandemic – WeRaise is a new agency model that benefits parents, caregivers and clients alike.  The team is committed to building an agency that works with personal priorities not against them, that enables moms and caregivers to excel on their terms, and gives clients access to some of the best talent in the industry at much more accessible commitment levels.


We’re committed to building a working environment that allows everyone to be their whole, authentic selves to their work.  Working with LGBTQ+ organizations such as SCRUFF has given our team a better perspective on intersectionality and inclusion.  We strive to support the Community at large while creating an inclusive working environment in which individuals can thrive.

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