SourceCode Communications, known for our creative approach to storytelling for technology brands, is proud to announce the launch of our latest service: Executive Brand Management (EBM). EBM is a holistic opportunity for executives to define their professional brand, voice, and expertise. We provide a structured framework to identify and execute thought leadership opportunities in a multi-channel environment; while establishing a personalized approach that aligns with the executive’s brand, industry, and personal preferences. Programs often include earned, social, content, account-based marketing, and internal components.

“In an era where corporate leaders are expected to be thought leaders, engage with influencers, and maintain a public-facing persona, we recognize the critical need for a comprehensive approach to executive brand management,” said Kristen Stippich, EVP Head of Client Services. “A recent Sprout Social survey revealed that an active social presence positively impacts purchase decisions for 56% of professionals, with 76% of senior executives believing it enhances a brand’s credibility. Additionally, McKinsey’s Leadership Forum underscores the importance of executives understanding and living company culture publicly, as well as transitioning from a private to a public persona. SourceCode’s EBM directly addresses these shifts in expectations by offering a tailored solution to enhance an executive’s brand and impact.”

Our process requires close collaboration with client teams and the executives at the center of our program through a phased approach. In Phase 1, we create the building blocks of the EBM program through a personalized StoryHub session, audits of existing brand and executive narratives, and audience intelligence work. These inform a comprehensive Executive Brand Management Playbook that defines the executive’s brand voice and platform, creating the red thread woven throughout all created content and audience engagements.

However, all thought leaders are different. A key piece of our foundational assessment is to set a realistic and maintainable path to establish thought leadership for each executive based on their current and future goals. Not every executive needs (or wants) to be an “Influencer” in their category, but they can leverage their expertise and network to become a great Connector, Engager, or Broadcaster. At SourceCode, we are here to help not only define the foundation of your executive’s brand but also to identify personal goals and a strategic approach to achieve them.

In Phase 2, we define this strategic approach and create an execution framework tailored to the needs of the executive. This includes most, if not all, of the following program elements:

  • Content Planning & Development
  • Social & Influencer Engagement
  • Integrated Media Relations
  • Presentation Support
  • Internal Communications
  • Reporting

Utilizing the elements created, SourceCode develops monthly content calendars to ensure a consistent social media presence, that our leaders are performing up to the standards set by key industry leaders, and are actively engaged with communities and target audiences to boost interaction. SourceCode is also responsible for managing executive media aliases, responding to media inquiries, and collaborating with executive assistants on next steps.

EBM is designed to complement media relations initiatives for executives, leveraging digital and earned media tactics to create a consistent, multi-channel thought leadership platform.

For more information on EBM, please reach out to us at