2020 has felt like the longest year, and yet it’s November and the year is almost over. While we won’t know what’s in store for 2021, we are excited for all the opportunities just around the corner. Speaking events, award shows and festivals are different now but we can count on one event happening virtual this year and that’s SXSW. 

SXSW Online taking place in March 2021, is a digital experience including keynotes, conferences sessions, music festival showcases, film festival screenings, world-class networking and everything in between. SXSW will be different this year, however, we know we can always rely on the creativity from our clients. 

Check out our roundup for some panels our clients have been nominated for in the panel picker:

  • Blockparty’s: The Future of Monetizing IP and Digital Content 
    • Panelists will discuss cultivating digital ownership and how brands can build a digital link with their most passionate fans, attract new audiences and build new revenue streams.
  • Handshake’s: Your 10-year Diversity plan, Achieved in two 
    • We’ve replaced career fairs and campus visits with online talent marketplaces and video interviews. This means the traditional hiring barriers are lower than ever, and we can reach a critical mass of candidates from underrepresented backgrounds faster than ever before.
  • Technovation’s: How to Build Resilient Online Learning Communities 
    • Virtual afterschool programs have the potential to help close equity gaps by introducing students to technologies like AI while engaging them in hands-on challenges to develop skills like resilience, collaboration and problem solving.

We’re excited for this year’s SXSW and can’t wait to share more. To learn more about SourceCode Communications and the amazing brands we are working with, please drop us a line at hello@sourcecodecomms.com, we’d love to hear from you.