At SourceCode, near and dear to our hearts is the value of diversity of our team, the way we think, and the experiences we all have. We are also incredibly passionate about doing our role to confront the racial injustice that continues to plague us

Today, we added our voice to the conversation at the forefront of the PR / communications industry: Hold the PRess, an initiative “calling for action, accountability, and transparency in the Public Relations and Communications industry for Black people.” We strongly value transparency and honesty at the center of every relationship. We prioritize these values with our employees, clients, and partners, and we think it’s imperative that we are transparent with our industry peers. 

Our workforce comes from all walks of life – pageant queens and former athletes; parents and non-parents; immigrants; Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X. We believe bringing different backgrounds and perspectives to the table results in unique ideas and a more creative place to work. We know, like most, our diversity numbers aren’t where they should be and we’re committed to making it better.

Here’s where we stand today:

  • 23% of our staff identify as POC; 9% identify as Black
  • We lack any racial diversity at the senior leadership level and are working hard to rectify that with our commitments over the next year
  • Of our senior team members, 50% identify as POC; 17% identify as Black
  • Of our mid-level team members, 14% identify as POC; 14% identify as Black
  • Of our entry-level team members, 50% identify as POC; 0% identify as Black
  • Looking across our clients, 40% are currently POC-led; 3% are currently Black-led; and 13% are currently women-led

We know what it means to be a leader in the PR and communications industry, and we understand our responsibility to be part of the solution. This movement is not just about donating money or publicly sharing words of solidarity, but rather how we can improve ourselves, our business, and the industry at large. As a team, we have already committed to evaluating our recruiting practices and policies, evolving training programs, and partnering with POC-led businesses to ensure transformational change takes place at SourceCode and beyond.

As leaders we want to do what’s right, and we hope this encourages other agencies to share their own insights and be transparent in support of a solution for all.