Hoping to increase awareness in the US tech market, Featurespace leveraged SourceCode to identify and submit awards focused on the innovative technology. SourceCode worked to pull back the curtain on the complex technological challenges faced by financial institutions in order to earn Featurespace industry-wide recognition for its technological innovations in fraud prevention


SourceCode conducted a deep dive into Featurespace to thoroughly understand what about its product and technology made them stand out the most. We utilized these findings to develop easy-to-understand messaging that was used to create persuasive, compelling submissions for reputable industry awards. In each submission, we supplemented product-related details with real customer stories and successes that brought to life the tangible differences in fraud rates and successful attacks while using Featurespace. We also included Featurespace owned-data, as well as interviews, shared presentation decks, and other collateral in the submissions in order to demonstrate Featurespace’s industry prowess and why it should be recognized.


Featurespace was named a finalist for the 2022 Banking Tech Awards in the ‘Tech Team of the Year’ Category and winner of the 2022 UK AI & Machine Learning Awards  in the category for Best Use of Predictive/Prescriptive Analytics.