Luminous is building the most powerful, scalable AI supercomputer to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Yet to GTM, Luminous’s brand was fairly unknown so SourceCode set out to establish Luminous executives as go-to sources for media and further elevate brand awareness.


When we kicked off our partnership, our team conducted in-depth discovery sessions with key executives to understand each one’s unique areas of expertise. From there, we developed distinct ‘swimlanes’ for each executive in order to efficiently divide and conquer our key spokespeople across trending media topics, casting a wider net of media coverage. After our initial intake session, we continually research and share timely news on a variety of relevant topics – from chip manufacturing to supercomputing –  with the Luminous team in order to get their perspectives and fuel media outreach. When relevant news breaks, we are prepared with commentary and quotes to quickly address trending news, allowing us to consistently nurture relationships with key media targets and remain top of mind. In addition to proactive pitching and reactive commentary, we also provide ongoing support with creating bylines that share Luminous executives’ thought leadership points and expertise. 



As a result of our executive sessions, we created four unique executive profiles and identified the strongest three to leverage with the media. Using this as the basis of our outreach, we secured a number of introductory and relationship-building conversations with reporters including The Hill’s Tobias Burns, Wired’s Will Knight and New York Times’ Cade Metz. We also used the perspectives gathered to support in drafting 4 abstracts for bylines on trending topics and placed them with top tier publications like Fast Company, as well as an additional 8 pieces of coverage with the likes of Time, San Jose Mercury News, The Next Platform and VentureBeat

Metrics to call out:

  • 4 executive platforms created
  • 2 top-tier reporter intros
  • 8+ top-tier articles earned
  • 1 byline drafted alongside SMEs
  • Editorial calendar creation for a steady flow of topics/articles to share with media