Allie Novak, Senior Media Strategist at SourceCode Communications

And we’re back – continuing our breaking through the news cycle series this week with part three! In parts one and two we talked about opportunities to take timely topics and use them to our advantage. In part one, we discussed how to position our executives as credible subject matter experts through newsjacking. In part two, we shared opportunities to seize holidays – for example fun national ones like National Coffee Day – as an opportunity to get clients included in roundups alongside big players in their industries. 

In part three of breaking through the news cycle, we share some recent success we have had in our Enterprise practice:

Executive profiling

Our client Clio is a legal technology company, and we’re always thinking about creative ways to elevate their story with top-tier media. Their CEO, Jack Newton, has some really impressive, unique viewpoints and we’ve been able to spotlight his executive platform and commentary with a wide-range of outlets. Most recently, we nurtured a great relationship with a legal reporter over at Business Insider, checking in on a regular basis around what the reporter was working on to see how Jack’s insights could fit into an article or feature. 

With Clio’s Legal Trends Report being released this October, we knew that it was the perfect time to engage with the reporter around what Jack thinks tech has done to reshape the legal industry, and how the pandemic has ushered in tech as a necessary tool for law firms to survive. This relationship building and our conversations with the reporter around how Jack could offer some differentiated commentary based on the findings resulted in a feature by Business Insider titled ‘This is adapt or die time’: Tech-savvy law firms make nearly 40% more in revenue than old-school ones — here’s how new tools are helping lawyers get ahead.

Not to mention, our outreach on this topic also resulted in a great interview for Jack with Axios around this conversation too. Love leveraging a good executive profile!

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