Allie Novak, Senior Media Strategist at SourceCode Communications

In part one of breaking through the newscycle, we mentioned Newsjacking as one way to build relationships with reporters and get the unique commentary from our executives out there, positioning them as credible sources on  specific timely topics. We have found that this is just one option (albeit a great one!) for breaking into the news, especially at a time like right now when the news cycle is particularly crowded. 

As we continue to think about successful storytelling as a means of staying clued into the news, and seizing the moment if it seems appropriate, we continue this breaking through the newscycle series with part two, where we have had some recent success within our Consumer Lifestyle practice:

Holiday outreach

We work with a really fun, new DTC coffee brand named Cloudburst Coffee that launched in early August. We had some luck in initial brand storytelling and reviews, but knew that it was a must to seize on National Coffee Day at the end of September. We started outreach well in advance, asking reporters if they were writing roundups or if they were interested in sampling the product. As a result we got a total of 22 pieces of coverage in target consumer lifestyle publications including CNET, Delish, Refinery29, Today, and Yahoo!. Cloudburst was mentioned alongside really well known and established brands, which was exciting for us to see this volume of great coverage for a newer brand. Never underestimate the power of a good holiday roundup to get your client’s name out there!

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