Wisdom was well known in the pet care space, but was not breaking through with key consumer lifestyle outlets that would move the needle for their business. SourceCode sought to create a steady drumbeat of news in key lifestyle publications in order to keep the brand top of mind for customers throughout the year.


To supplement media coverage around news-related announcements, SourceCode identified relevant seasonal moments and holidays that presented an opportunity to highlight Wisdom’s products, customer stories, and pet expertise. SourceCode crafted tailored and creative pitch angles around these moments, including National Puppy Day, National Pet Month, DNA Day. We also recommended Wisdom tie their promotional calendar to these holidays to increase newsworthiness and offered reporters with dogs the opportunity to try Wisdom for themselves to ensure the product was top of mind for any pet-related coverage.


This approach helped us secure 10 pieces of coverage secured over 8 months, creating a presence for Wisdom in key consumer publications such as E! Online, USA Today, and Mashable. This media coverage yielded a higher SOV for Wisdom than its main competitors, Embark and Basepaws.

Metrics to call out:

  • 10 pieces of coverage secured over 8 months
  • 40% higher SOV than competitors