There is a lot of chatter at the moment about the potential introduction of OpenAI’s search engine that could dramatically reshape communication and marketing. Just a few of my thoughts:

Conversational Content is King

Forget the old playbook of keyword density; the future is about conversational search. Your content must sound natural and answer real questions that people ask. You must start thinking about crafting content that not only performs well with AI but also connects genuinely with your audience.

Voice Search Optimization

With more people using voice to interact with devices, your content needs to be optimized for voice search. How often have you asked Siri lately about how many Grammy Awards Beyonce has won?

Leveraging AI with a Human Touch

Using AI like ChatGPT can speed up content creation, but balancing this with human creativity is crucial to keep your brand authentic. (Can all of you copywriters get out of my DMs now?) 

Quality Over Keywords 

High-quality, informative content is about to become more important than ever. Executives and brands should be thought leaders in your field, and go beyond just playing the SEO game.

New Advertising Strategies

With AI potentially changing the way users interact with search engines, traditional ads might not cut it. Explore innovative advertising strategies that align with new technologies. 

Creating content that’s 100% authentic can seriously boost your brand, no matter how people like to get their info. Conversational and AI search make it easy and effective for your brand to stand out in this new wild world.

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