With spam calls and texts continuing to be on the rise especially in certain markets across the US, it is important to not only arm consumers with tools but also advice from experts in the space. Teltech is armed with data from their market-leading products, RoboKiller and TextKiller, giving their executives important insight to share with consumers across the country on how to avoid these scams. Our goal was to educate consumers, while also elevating and differentiating Teltech from their competitors and keeping the brand in the news at a consistent cadence, despite not having any formal product updates or announcements.


After conducting an audit of the wider industry and current media landscape, we identified the opportunity for Teltech to become a go-to media expert on timely and relevant topics around consumer data and security. We worked closely with Teltech’s VP of Marketing to prepare and establish her as the company’s key spokesperson who can comment on breaking news around FCC guidelines, data and security, local security breaches, and more. To complement expert commentary, we mined Teltech data for unique storylines and points to share with media, while continually jumping on timely breaking news and offering Teltech data and spokesperson to media as a trusted expert. We also rolled out a robust local outreach program to extend beyond national publications and ensure not just quality, but also volume of coverage at consistent cadence in order  to cast a wide net of visibility and trump the competition.


This strategy resulted in 11 pieces of local broadcast coverage over 4 months time with Teltech gaining visibility in key local markets such as Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia. The interest from local media continues to grow and insights from RoboKiller and TextKiller are also being discussed on a national media level by outlets like Cheddar and Forbes.


  • 11 pieces of local broadcast coverage
  • 10+ pieces of national coverage
  • Visibility in 10 top DMAs