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This week we’ve pulled together some less theoretical and more tangible insight in and around AI for marketers and communicators. While we’re seeing massive investments from likes of Dentsu and Publicis, the rest of us should be looking for ways to implement small changes that improve how we work (our very own Matt Chan just gave us some quick insights on AI prompts that you might also find useful). Additionally, we’ve shared some smart thinking from Adobe about how to make sure you’re maximizing your content.

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Invest in AI: Take a note from Dentsu’s AWS partnership expansion

TL;DR: Ad agency Dentsu has been developing multiple generative AI solutions through Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Amazon Bedrock and Amazon SageMaker. The solutions will help employees improve productivity, increase localization, and customize advertising use cases in a secure way with their own data. Dentsu has been at the forefront of such AI tools and services to drive efficiency and creativity within their workforce, including partnerships with Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and Adobe.

Takeaway: Industry leaders are diving into AI innovation to position themselves ahead of the competition. This Dentsu news comes just after Publicis announced their three-year investment of €300M into AI tech, licenses, and software. Expect to see even more organizations following this trend. While budgets may be tight at the moment, investments in AI can actually help save companies money by increasing efficiency and expanding the potential of smaller teams. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t make a million-dollar investment into AI – even small steps towards integrating AI into your processes can be a time-saver. 


    • What parts of your processes can be optimized by generative AI tools?
    • Are there AI integrations already at your disposal that you’re not using? For example, using Notion’s AI assistant to draft articles and outlines with a simple query or trying LinkedIn’s AI to help you write your next social post.

Work smarter: You should be repurposing your content

TL;DR: Adobe ran a study on small business owners to examine how they’re creating content across marketing channels. The results found 70% of SMBs are repurposing their content and over half of SMBs said that using AI to repurpose content drives buyers down the sales funnel more quickly.

Takeaway: It’s a common misconception that every piece of content you create needs to be completely unique and new. Content you’ve already created can be unique and new simply by pivoting how it’s presented. The most successful repurposing strategies from Adobe’s study included creating compelling video content from written material, transforming blog posts into infographics, and cutting long video content into shorter clips for social media. If you have any of that core content hanging around, you’re perfectly poised to try these strategies out! By using AI tools to take these actions, you’ll also be able to squeeze this extra value out of your core content with very little effort on your part.


  • What core content do you have at your disposal that could be repurposed? What could you slice and dice to increase the value and impact?
  • How can AI help expedite this process for you? Once you know your next steps, you can identify which AI tools and services are best for your needs.

Get to know your buyer with AI: ChatGPT prompts for customer personas

TL;DR: ChatGPT can be a great partner in trying to better understand your audience. This piece provides ready-made prompts for ChatGPT to help you establish personas for your buyers, competitors, and social media audiences.

Takeaway: Using these prompts, you’ll be better prepared to create campaigns with clear goals in mind. Buyer personas aim to make more sense of your customers – what do they want? What do they care about? What other products or services do they utilize outside of your offering? Competitor personas act similarly but allow you to identify what competitors are doing well or not so well. This can help you figure out how to position your brand and where you might match up. Some social media platforms can also be accessed by AI chatbots, which allow you to craft personas based on public conversations in your industry. Regardless of which queries and personas you choose to follow, these prompts are a great way to personify your audience and build more strategic campaigns.


  • What do you want to learn about your buyer? Use these prompts as a starting point to tweak the prompts based on your interests.
  • Ask ChatGPT to help you create a marketing plan based on these personas. You shouldn’t follow this blindly, but it’ll provide a great base plan of action for your next steps.