Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) develops innovative mobile sensing technology and data analytics to improve driving behavior and make roads safer around the world. The company’s smartphone telematics platform measures driving quality, engages drivers, and reduces their risky behavior by 40%. CMT came to SourceCode to help raise awareness for the distracted driving epidemic and create narratives that resonate both nationally and locally. Following a $500MM funding round led by SoftBank, the company also wanted to be positioned as a data-driven expert on distracted driving and auto safety.


The SourceCode team worked closely with CMT to pull proprietary data to develop a campaign highlighting the percentage of distractions that occur on Halloween Day, as well as the top cities for distraction and speeding and the safest cities.

By analyzing dangerous traffic patterns from phone sensors on October 31, 2018, CMT found that speeding increased by an alarming 235% on Halloween, while drivers slamming on brakes increased 178%. Based on this data, cities like The Hamptons, Arlington, Miami, and Park City were deemed most dangerous for Trick-or-Treaters while San Jose, Seattle, Long Beach and Minneapolis were deemed the safest.


The SourceCode team garnered 64+ placements, including major features on Fox Business, People and FOX News and CBS broadcast coverage. This resulted in 39 billion impressions for the company and numerous inbound requests for expert commentary on the data.