Nile is a network-as-a-service provider seeking to own the category. After emerging from stealth less than a year ago, Nile was interested in leveraging its funding announcement to raise awareness for its brand messaging, position in the NaaS market and uniqueness of its solution.

SourceCode conducted embargoed outreach two weeks prior to the launch to generate the maximum amount of coverage while also working with investor PR firms and other partners on behalf of Nile. SourceCode did not offer an exclusive, so for those media outlets that requested one, our team helped to provide exclusive quotes from investors, customers and Nile executives so media opportunities weren’t lost.

We secured more than 57 pieces of coverage in top tier business and trade publications, including 21 features in outlets like TechCrunch, SVBJ and CRN. We also landed 5 interviews for key stakeholders including Nile executives, investors and customers with publications including Reuters and TechTarget. The buzz that the news created also generated an inbound keynote speaking opportunity with EDGE World Summit, 3,000 new LinkedIn followers for Nile’s CEO, and an increase in 10,000 page visits in August from to Nile’s website from 4,000 the month prior.

“The success of this announcement confirms viability and longevity of Nile in the market, making prospect conversations easier,” CMO, Scott Gainey.