Throughout my career in communications I’ve been given a lot of great advice on how to not only succeed but leave people with a positive impression of both your work ethic and who you are as a person. This advice along with the experiences I’ve had, have helped me outline two key areas that I feel are important to prioritize in your career:

Be a Chameleon: The world is constantly changing, as we’ve all realized even more over the past few years, and with that comes evolving needs from your organization and the clients you work with. Demonstrating the ability to lend your hand in areas that might not be directly in your wheelhouse during times of change is an invaluable skill that goes a long way with both colleagues and clients. It can also often lead to new opportunities and areas of interest to explore within your career that you didn’t even know were possible.

Invest in People: If I was asked to identify the most rewarding part of my job, it would easily be the opportunity to help mentor and manage the incredibly talented people that I work with. Taking the time to listen, answer questions and offer advice and guidance on work hurdles but also personal challenges, as well as celebrating growth and wins is an important part of building the relationships that will stick with you throughout your career.

Taking a moment to remember how I can make a positive impact by evolving what I do every day and being a malleable support for the team, shows direct reports and peers alike how committed I am to the future of our company and how much pride I take in my own professional growth. By leading with this example, I hope that others will follow suit and find new and creative ways to engage with internal and external shareholders and push the success of SourceCode forward!