By Rachel Dix-Kessler, Director, Media Strategy & Analytics

One of our greatest opportunities in life is the ability to learn. Fortunately, my career has been a great educator, personally and professionally. Here are two lessons I’ve learned that I’ve always come back to:

Create your own path
We’re all exposed to societal expectations as we go through life. I’ve always felt the pressure to meet ‘life milestones’ based on what I think I’m supposed to do and where I think I should be in my career. Through my past experiences, I’ve realized that sometimes the best path isn’t the one others choose for you, but one that you make for yourself. Identify the things you love to do and find a company that is willing to help you build that path.

Always be authentic
One of my favorite things about public relations has been the opportunity to meet new people and build relationships. Outside of work, I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out who I am, and then accepting that person. Whether you’re talking to a leader, colleague, or client, show up as that person you’ve worked so hard to be and accept them. You’ll be so much happier in your career and find that the relationships you build will be built on genuine connections and more intentional.

For many of us, our career is a big part of our life. It’s important to build your career around who you are and what you’re passionate about doing. Afterall, it’s YOUR career, not anyone else’s.