Being human is both a company value and a guiding principle in how we inform and support our current staff as well as how we hire future employees. Ingrained in that value is trust and transparency which we showcase across our internal teams daily and exemplify with our external audience as often as possible.

When it had been announced that companies across NYC (larger than 4 employees) would be required to state salary rates on all job postings as of Fall 2022, we truly weren’t fazed. Our mission has always been to provide our current and future team members with all necessary data to ensure they have all the information they need to make informed decisions. Core to our ethos is business transparency, a prioritization of enabling people to understand career trajectory, and most importantly a focus on bringing your full self to the table. This new requirement simply felt natural and intrinsic with who we are as an employer.

In fact, in late 2021, we were one step ahead of the initiative when we provided our staff with our salary bands for each role following an internal audit and market research. We have taken this approach one step further and currently provide interviewees with the same data in the initial stages of the hiring process, furthering our commitment to our values rooted in transparency.

Shying away from this reporting seems out of line with what we value and we fully embrace and appreciate its purpose. The accountability that showcasing salary targets in job postings provides, allows us to anchor decision making (both for the candidate and ourselves) in solid data. It also ensures that our current team is appropriately and competitively compensated for the incredible work that they do.

Hillary Ephraim, our Head of Talent Acquisition, noted “it matters a great deal that I can confidently lead with dependable marketplace data. I am providing target salary rates to hires that are aligned with industry standards and therefore, providing the most competitive, data-centered and thoughtful hiring package that we can”.

For more information on the new policy, please read further here: PRWeek, New Salary Transparency Law