Seated, a restaurant discovery and rewards app, wanted to drive increased brand awareness for its platform and came to SourceCode Communications to create media buzz. However, the timing of this partnership proved to be a challenge as consumers were not dining out at restaurants due to COVID-19.


The SourceCode team hit the ground running by obsessively checking the news to spot key trendjacking opportunities for Seated’s executives to offer commentary and analysis on the evolving situation facing restaurants as they closed due to the pandemic. With Seated co-founder Bo Peabody involved in the Georgia Restaurant Association, SourceCode pitched him out to reporters in advance of Atlanta reopening restaurants. He was able to offer an overview of what the guidelines might look like and how restaurants would operate in this new normal.


20+ pieces of coverage 

broadcast interviews

relationship-building briefings with top publications including Reuters and the WSJ

The team was able to garner 20+ pieces of coverage featuring Seated and its co-founder in Atlanta television affiliates. Bo Peabody hosted five broadcast interviews and bylined one article for Business Insider around what the future of the restaurant industry would look like in a COVID-19 reality. SourceCode also secured four briefings with top publications including Reuters and the Wall Street Journal to cultivate those relationships with key editors in the industry.