Pindrop, a pioneer in voice security and authentication, uses AI-based IVR Authentication and Anti-Fraud Solutions to increase efficiency in call centers and stop fraudulent transactions. Looking to drive awareness at CES with a new Voice Identity Platform, Pindrop turned to SourceCode Communications to support the brand at the industry-leading consumer event. The new IoT platform extended its proven enterprise-grade technology beyond the call center and into the Internet of Things (IoT), voice assistants, smart homes and offices, and connected cars. It was a move that would bring Pindrop’s proven proprietary Deep Voice biometric technology to several new key market sectors.


With two months to the show, SourceCode worked quickly to delve into Pindrop’s core messaging and value proposition for the new market sectors. The team identified the connection between the Voice Identity Platform and the unidentified risks that exist in the emergence of voice assistants and other smart devices. Highlighting the disparity between voice emerging as the interface for millions of consumer and enterprise devices and consumers lacking access to a strong level of security, the team reached out to top reporters covering the IoT space. At CES, the SourceCode team secured a number of briefings for Vijay Balasubramaniyan, Co-Founder, CEO and CTO of Pindrop.

To continue building momentum around Pindrop and Vijay, SourceCode highlighted how Pindrop can secure every voice interaction by bringing enterprise-grade security to the forefront of connected devices. This messaging positioned Vijay as a key thought leader in the space and industry expert, resulting in key industry accolades.


291+ pieces of national and broadcast coverage in four months

30+ executive interviews

12% increase in the share of voice against competitors

Through an integrated media strategy and thought leadership approach, SourceCode secured 291+ pieces of national and broadcast coverage including NBC News, NPR and Forbes, and 30+ executive interviews resulting in a 12% increase in share of voice against competitors in just four months.