Continuing SourceCode’s “A Day in the Life” employee spotlight series, by sharing a feature on our second employee spotlight, introducing Willa Pearl Hahn, a Senior Account Executive at SourceCode Communications. Part of our B2B team, Willa has spent over a year and a half at SourceCode supporting various accounts on our Enterprise team. In this “A Day in the Life” feature, Willa walks us through her typical work day as an SAE. 

7-9am: I start my day drinking lots of coffee so I feel less dead on the inside and I do my makeup so I look less dead on the outside (I’m joking, but also not). In addition to working at SourceCode, I’m also getting my master’s. I just finished my first semester so I’m on a much-needed winter break right now and get to sleep in a little bit, but during the semester I like to wake up at around 5:00am to get my homework and studying out of the way before I start the work day. I usually finish off my morning by checking emails, listening to music and often singing along. 

9am-12pm: I typically like to start my workday around 8:00am or 8:30am so I can get a head start on the day. Once I log on, I like to check my to do lists and organize my day. I’m a huge list maker, I love writing things down and keeping track of my progress. Once I do that, I go through my email and do some light media monitoring to see if any client coverage has come through from the night before. 

I also like to use this time to read through the news and in particular I subscribe to a few different newsletters like the NYT Daily Briefing, the Skimm, Techmeme and also Stat so that I can keep track of what’s going on. Once I know what’s going on in the world, I will dive into my to do list.   

12-2pm: After spending my morning doing some media outreach, drafting content and having some meetings, I like to take a quick break for lunch. 

Like most people around the world, SourceCode has been remote since March and I’ve tried to utilize this time to make healthy lunches instead of ordering in. I think it’s really important to use lunch as a way to take breaks throughout the day. Since I tend to have a busier afternoon, I use lunch time to eat, sit on my couch, hang out with my cat and drink some more coffee so that I don’t fall asleep this afternoon.  

3-6pm: As I spend the afternoon wrapping up my day, I think it’s important to recognize that with PR and especially with remote work it’s so easy to fall into a pattern of overworking and not being able to separate yourself from your work. I’ve been trying to counteract that during the pandemic by setting a schedule for myself and logging off at a reasonable time every night. I’m also lucky that I have a home office where I live so I know when I leave the room, I am done for the night. 

I usually like to end my day by doing one last coverage scan and looking over my to do list and calendar for the next day. 

After the workday, I typically like to have a healthy dinner, do a workout, hang out with my cat (and husband, but mostly my cat) and I finish off the night with a good TV show. 

To see Willa’s Instagram takeover from earlier this month, check out the highlights reel on our Instagram and feel free to follow along with our employee spotlight features over the next couple weeks both on our blog and on our Instagram page. Check out part one of this series with Account Executive, Briggs Brady’s employee spotlight. 

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