Welcome to SourceCode’s “A Day in the Life” employee spotlight series, a place where we are introducing some members of our staff. COVID-19 has made it challenging to stay connected and we have worked hard at maintaining our company culture, whether it be through new slack channels, virtual happy hours, or virtual coffee chats. We have also had a few new members join our team and while we would normally get to know each other better at post-work happy hours or chatting in the office, we have had to find new ways to catch up. 

To kick off our very first employee spotlight “A Day in the Life” feature, is one of our recent hires, Briggs Brady, an Account Executive at SourceCode Communications. Part of our consumer team, Briggs has spent the last three years in PR supporting various accounts in the DTC, health & wellness, retail and consumer lifestyle spaces. In this “A Day in the Life” feature, Briggs walks us through his typical work day. 

7-9am: I like to start my day off doing some yoga or meditation in my apartment building’s gym. This helps me really get my mind right, stay centered and just relax before starting the day and diving into the news. 

9am-12pm: After I finish with my morning yoga and meditation, I start my workday by creating my to-do list, going through my calendar and checking my emails. I often do this sitting next to my roommate’s cat, who pretty much sleeps all day. But starting my day off with checking emails and making priorities helps me stay organized and ready for the day.    

12-2pm: So after a morning of calls or spending the morning pitching for my clients, I usually like to have lunch around 12:15pm. When I have lunch, I like to step away from the computer, and away from slack and emails which helps me clear my mind and stay energized for the afternoon. 

Sometimes during lunch, I also like to read a book or watch funny videos. Today I am going to be reading, I’m currently reading Teach you to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi, a book about financial security. Reading books on different topics allows me to learn something new that’s different than PR. 

3-6pm: While in the morning I really like to spend time pitching and getting in reporter’s inboxes early, in the afternoons I try and work on other projects like writing new pitch angles or building out media lists. 

At the end of the day, I like to go through my slacks, email and calendar once more to make sure I am fully caught up on the day. I also end the day by checking in with my manager to make sure there’s nothing else I can help with at the end of each day. 

To see Briggs’ Instagram takeover from earlier this month, check out the highlights reel on our Instagram and feel free to follow along with our employee spotlight features over the next couple weeks both on our blog and on our Instagram page.

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