Wisdom Panel, the pet care company that allows pet parents to understand their pet’s DNA was always invested in using their data to bring pets and their owners together. Wisdom Panel tasked SourceCode with raising awareness of its new product feature that alerts users of their pets relatives found within their database.


SourceCode worked with Wisdom to create a CTA to their users in order to garner customer stories related to the relative finder feature. Once we received unique stories, we vetted them and began pitching them to media. Once interest was secured, we coordinated an in-person reunion with the dog owners and hired a videographer to capture the reunion.


This story secured Wisdom a digital segment with GMA that syndicated to additional national online publications such as ABC News and Yahoo, reaching more than 121M UVMs.

Metrics to call out:

  • Secured digital placement with GMA, which syndicated to other top tier outlets like Yahoo and ABC News.
  • Segment reached more than 121M UVMs.