We’re extremely excited to announce that SourceCode has been named to Observer’s 2022 Best US PR Firms. The annual ranking lists the top 50 outstanding PR agencies across the country, this year highlighting shops that overcame the adversity brought to them with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Coming in at number 28 on the list, Observer illustrates SourceCode’s growth since our very own Becky Honeyman and Greg Mondsehin started this little two-person shop back in 2017. Four years later, we’ve grown to a 40+ person agency, acquired our first digital agency in Strike2, expanded our talents with the creation of WeRaise, and implemented fantastic new HR policies focused on creating a sustainable, engaging environment for our employees.

We’re incredibly honored and humbled to be included in this illustrious group, and we share our congratulations to the other agencies featured alongside us. To learn more about SourceCode Communications, please drop us a line at hello@sourcecodecomms.com, or if you’re interested in joining the team, check out our career page!