SourceCode Communications, an integrated communications agency known for its creative storytelling for technology brands, has developed a new, proprietary product offering: SourceCode Amplify. Created in direct response to client needs and aiming to answer the all-too-common question of “What do I do once coverage hits?”, Amplify is a one-stop solution for providing additional, supporting marketing collateral that leverages earned media coverage across all relevant communications channels, both internal and external. 

“SourceCode Amplify transcends traditional earned media by transforming initial coverage into a cohesive ensemble of engagement,” said Kevin Dulaney, SourceCode EVP and Head of Technology Innovation and creator of Amplify. “We want to ensure that each piece of coverage serves as the catalyst for a comprehensive, multi-channel digital strategy that keeps all stakeholders informed. Our approach not only extends the lifecycle of media coverage but also enhances its impact, turning fleeting visibility into lasting presence internally or externally.” 

In addition to direct feedback from clients around their current needs – which helped inform the development of Amplify – Cision’s 2024 Global Comms Report uncovered that nearly 60% of U.S. comms professionals feel that demonstrating the ROI of earned media is a challenge they face in their daily work. Amplify is designed to address these challenges head-on and demonstrate how, as an agency, SourceCode constantly adapts to the market–expanding approaches to meet client needs and support them in all facets of their business.

Cision’s report also found 42% of U.S. comms professionals stating that proving and validating PR’s impact to the C-Suite is a challenge. Additional data showed that CEOs have greater expectations of the comms function in regard to how it will directly impact the business and bottom line– from customer acquisition and engagement to directly driving sales and revenue. SourceCode’s Amplify tool supports in developing a comprehensive strategy to leverage and incorporate earned media results into other sales and marketing functions to help drive these larger goals, in addition to allowing internal comms teams to strategically emphasize the value of PR, whether it be reporting to C-Suite or key stakeholders such as employees and sales prospects.

Amplify strategically and effectively connects the dots to other channels within a client’s organization. With an earned media placement as the input, content that can be generated through Amplify includes:

  • Internal comms such as company-wide emails or Slack/Teams messages to help generate internal excitement and employee engagement
  • Fodder for sales teams to either reach new prospects or reinvigorate conversations with active leads
  • Visuals and written copy for sharing coverage across the brand’s social media channels
  • Social or written content to bolster executive thought leadership efforts and executive brand management of the C-Suite
  • External comms to key stakeholders such as customers, partners, and investors
  • Additional content across owned channels, such as an SEO-optimized blog post or other communications to support lead-gen and top-of-funnel visibility

SourceCode is currently utilizing Amplify to support comms programs for multiple clients across both the consumer and enterprise sectors. For each client interested in Amplify, we develop a bespoke process that works to define what type of coverage should get amplified depending on the caliber of the media outlet, messaging inclusion, or agreed-upon factors. From there, we conduct an in-depth intake situation to understand how each client is already working internally to disseminate information and what efficiencies are already in place that we can plug into to ensure we are working seamlessly with teams and within any existing internal infrastructure. 

“It’s always a thrill to see a big piece of coverage hit, and Amplify allows us to truly celebrate those wins while SourceCode helps us spread the word,” said Robert Tomkinson, CMO at TouchTunes. “Taking the extra step to help us amplify our coverage is sure to save us a ton of time while enabling us to ensure everyone – from internal teams to operators, consumers, and investors – can share in the excitement of our milestone media moments.”

Amplify is available to existing clients as well as any brand looking to better leverage their earned media coverage. For more information on Amplify, please reach out to us at To learn more about SourceCode’s AI usage policy, click here.