In celebration of this year’s Earth Day, SourceCoders around the globe got out of the office and into nature, participating in various initiatives to better their communities– from cleaning up soil beds for harvesting, to planting flowers, bagging compost, feeding worms and chickens, and picking up trash. 

Our New York-based team visited Earth Matter NYC at Governors Island where they fed chickens, bagged compost that was processed on the island for distribution back to NYC residents, cleaned up the ground, fed worms for breaking down organic materials, and also learned about how Earth Matter serves NYC and its residents by processing almost 10k lbs of food waste a week!

The UK team went to Spitalfields Farms where they cleared out weeds and leftover roots in the soil beds to prepare for this year’s harvest. Spitalfields specializes in growing exotic South East Asian vegetables and it’s the only place in the UK where they can be properly grown!

The response from our team was inspiring, with a strong showing of participation from both in-office and remote team members. This collective effort not only contributed to cleaner communities but also showcased our team’s continued commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

Beyond our Earth Day activities, we are proud to be one of the 1,000 agencies that have signed the Clean Creatives pledge to not work with fossil fuel companies, and we provide our employees with 2 volunteer days each year to continue to take part in these types of sustainable initiatives or become involved in other efforts they are passionate about. We are incredibly proud of our team’s dedication to Earth Day and their communities and it was great to see our employees across all regions come together for this important effort.