To celebrate Pride month in 2021, the PR Council partnered with Reimagine Gender, an organization dedicated to helping corporations, NGOs, families, and policymakers better understand gender so they can help their communities thrive. The goal of the partnership is to help the PRC’s member firms create more inclusive workplace practices and provide more culturally competent counsel to clients.

Here at SourceCode, we are committed to continued learning and education around the evolving gender-inclusivity conversations and are excited to support PR Council’s partnership with Reimagine Gender. 

Throughout Pride month, PRC worked with Reimagine Gender to help members, like SourceCode, think beyond the binary and take actions to help make workplaces, counsel and campaigns more inclusive. Below is a round-up of the educational content and resources included to help individuals and organizations dig deeper and take action to become more gender inclusive throughout June and beyond.

Learning the key differences between Gender, Identity, Sex and Sexual Orientation

Starting off this month with the basics — to help you and your organization expand your understanding of gender. Reimagine Gender breaks down the key differences between gender identity, sex, and sexual orientation, which are often conflated and incorrectly used interchangeably. You’ll also have a chance to explore your own gender story. Learn more here: 

Understanding Gender Newsletter

In an effort to expand our understanding of gender and how we embody the most inclusive counsel and business practices, Reimagine Gender published a newsletter to act as a resource for continued learning. Systemic change and our personal journeys in self-awareness and unlearning is an ongoing effort, so the newsletter acts as a way to support their work with companies, organizations, families and more to think outside the binary. Sign up here:

Addressing pronouns 

Pronouns are crucial to understanding the LBGTQIA+ community. This resource outlines their importance, how we ask about them, and how to respectfully move forward when we make a mistake. Learn more here:

At SourceCode, we encourage all staff to update their pronouns across company emails and business profiles, to foster a healthier, safe space so everyone can bring their whole self to work and be respected for it.

Reimagine Gender is working with companies, communities, families and more to help expand people’s understanding of gender. You can support the organization’s vital work and mission by donating today here:

To learn more about the PR Council’s and Reimagine Gender’s efforts during Pride Month, visit Don’t forget to check out SourceCode’ progress of making decisions based on equity and inclusivity through our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion page here