With the fitness industry historically not showing diverse bodies in their advertisements and marketing, VR fitness platform FitXR wanted to establish itself as an inclusive fitness product for people of all body types and fitness levels. Since its founding in 2017, core to FitXR’s mission has been making fitness more accessible. The company has since expanded its offerings to include new exercise formats, additional workouts, updated VR environments and more accessible options for people of any level, ability and at any stage in their fitness journey.


SourceCode researched and identified social influencers who embodied and exemplified the type of user FitXR wanted to attract and then established strategic partnerships through product seeding in order to generate diversity-centric content on behalf of the FitXR brand. 

To complement influencer videos and reviews, SourceCode utilized FitXR’s trainer who was born without legs, Zion Clark, as the spokesperson for this topic and offered interviews with key media for him to speak about the importance of accessibility in fitness, in addition to utilizing him for live workouts and demos with media, including through social channels like Instagram Live.


We landed feature stories and interviews centered on Zion Clark with numerous top-tier fitness and lifestyle media such as Shape and a PIX11 broadcast segment. Reach also expanded to social, with an Instagram Live workout booked on Shape’s account. Traditional earned media efforts were complemented by partnerships with strategic on-brand influencers, such as Big Fit Girl Louise Green, which resulted in posts on her social pages and a contributed article in SELF highlighting how FitXR was her favorite virtual reality game on the market.


  • Feature stories and interviews with FitXR’s trainer Zion Clark in fitness and lifestyle media such as Shape and PIX11 broadcast
  • Over ten articles centered around FitXR’s inclusive and accessibility-forward offerings and trainers
  • Social media coverage secured with Shape via Instagram Live
  • Influencer posts from Louise Green, including via social channels and a contributed article in SELF highlighting how FitXR was her favorite VR game on the market