Black History Month kicked off yesterday- a time to celebrate the countless contributions the Black community has made to our world. Yesterday was also Tyre Nichols’ funeral and as we honored his life, it was abundantly clear that we have a long way to go and so much more to learn as a nation. SourceCode Communications and the Diversity Marketing Consortium™ (DMC) stand in solidarity to continue to amplify Black voices and do what we can to bring about change. Our hope is that through better educating ourselves on and engaging with the Black community, we can make the progress we so desperately need. 

At SourceCode Communications and the Diversity Marketing Consortium™, we have been introduced to numerous, inspiring Black founders who have made an indelible impact on our world with the products and technology they’ve developed. We’ve had the pleasure and honor of learning from leaders such as Kimiloluwa Fafowora (Gander), Ablorde Ashigbi (4degrees), Swale (Iuncta) and Henri Pierre-Jacques (one of our partners at Harlem Capital)- all of whom are disrupting their respective industries while paying homage to the Black founders who came before them through their innovative spirit. 

We are so thrilled to continue on in our celebration during Black History Month; not only through the incredible entrepreneurs and talent we’ve met but also through educating ourselves. We hope all members of our community find their own way to honor the inspiring contributions the Black community has made to our world during this month and beyond.

To learn more about the DMC mission, please take a moment and check out their website: 

To learn more about how you can celebrate Black History Month throughout year, please join us in reading through and engaging with the below resources: