As I’ve taken the time to reflect on all the high and lows we’ve experienced this year, a common theme for me has been my growth through relationships, both personally and professionally.

When I first joined SourceCode, some of the attributes I loved the most about the company were the collaborative environment and the various avenues of opportunity to work with different portfolios. Equally as important, it was clear that the incredible leaders here are inspired every day to have a large impact on their team’s life beyond work. The encouraging, constructive and applicable feedback from my wonderful manager Cori Cagide and close colleague Sophia Feleke helped propel me forward to my promotion to Senior Account Executive after 6 months. In addition, with their guidance and support, my love for the work I do has grown exponentially because I was given the gift of being able to find balance throughout my work week. While there were times in which the ‘life part’ of work-life balance posed some challenges, it was through my professional relationships that I learned a valuable personal lesson.

The SourceCode Strong program supports and acknowledges the need that all employees have for work-life balance and mental wellness. Thanks to these leaders, I was reminded that it’s not just about the hours we work or the amount of PTO we take throughout the year to find balance, but it’s also about having the ability to take care of yourself and your own needs, so that you’re able to thrive and tackle your passions at work. Self-care doesn’t just include doing things that energize you and prioritize your mental health, it’s also about finding a way to marry your passions with your work and applying those lessons to your relationships inside and out of the office. 

If I’m taking one lesson into 2023, it’s that in order to be my best self professionally, I need to give myself the grace and love to be my best self personally. With that lesson learned, I’m ready for what this next year has in store.