I can’t believe we’re in December, that time of the year when we reflect, plan ahead, and forge a path forward for the upcoming year. It is important to reflect and look at the path that has gotten us where we are today so that we have the opportunity to learn, grow, and help plot the future. 

As I reflect on my six months here at SourceCode, I’ve learned a lot and have grown professionally in many ways. I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of two DMC accounts, where I’ve gotten the chance to shine light and support women and minority-led businesses. I’ve also seen many of my clients secure coverage in top-tier trade publications and garner interest from reporters covering their industry. It’s been a wild ride and I’m so happy to be a part of it. 

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work with a variety of people across my accounts and gain different best practices and ways to look at strategy. That is one of the advantages of working with such a tight-knit company, you get the opportunity to collaborate and even work with senior level leaders. One of my colleagues I’m most grateful for is Kristen Stippich (EVP). She always encourages me to push myself and have confidence in my abilities; she has taught me to trust my gut. Through her mentorship, I’ve grown in my position as an account manager, becoming more assertive as I drive results through data in my pursuit to make strides as a leader on my own accounts. For example, when a client proposed a plan of attack on a campaign that the team developed, I provided strategic, thoughtful and partnership-driven advice as to why our plan would garner more results (based on data) thanks to the guidance and stewardship I’ve learned from Kristen. 

As we close out the year, I encourage you to reflect on not only what you want to accomplish for the upcoming year but also look to see how you can grow to better position yourself for success.