How to start a PR agency: ’Hey Becky, want to start a new agency?,’ I asked. ‘Yep, let’s do it.’ Done.

And so the master plan was set in motion. Over a drink (or two. You know it’s always two) in a dingy bar in downtown San Francisco. After a combined 25 years in tech public relations, it was our time. We learned, grew, relocated, experienced some success and most important, found the best possible partner in each other.

Today, my brilliant friend, my grammatical guru and now business partner, Becky Honeyman, and I officially opened the doors at SourceCode Communications.  Check out our write up in PRWeek.

A bit of a SourceCode Manifesto

Our solution will focus on delivering strategies that elicit meaningful responses by bringing together data and insights, creative thinking and a healthy dose of empathy. The keyword being empathy. In an age of AI, robotics and automation, we believe the need to remain human and engaged with our clients AND their audiences is mission critical.

Initially, we’ll be focusing on working with businesses in the consumer, enterprise SaaS, fintech and telecommunications spaces. We are beginning each engagement the right way – by connecting to our clients’ business and individual objectives and devising research-based strategies to accomplish their goals. We’re platform agnostic. The only thing that matter is telling stories to the right people in the right places. Period.

A big thank you and a promise

As we reflect on our careers and this incredible launch day, the outpouring of support has been inspiring and humbling.  We know building an agency will bring pressures to change and adapt – and through it all we promise to stay true to who we are.  Humble, honest, tenacious and a bit silly.

Let’s do this.