We’re thrilled to share that SourceCode’s very own Jeanne Hernandez was included in an article in SHRM for a piece about the future of work. As the agency’s first Human Resource Lead, Jeanne has been instrumental in establishing and communicating SourceCode’s hybrid work policy for our employees. 

When given the opportunity to present her insight with the SHRM editorial staff, Jeanne jumped at the chance given the outlet’s premier status amongst HR news websites. Her commentary discusses how companies can navigate their return-to-work policies, especially in light of President Biden’s recent encouragement for employees to return to the office. While highlighting SourceCode’s policy, she shares how it’s important to, of course, follow the state and local guidelines, as well as the opinions of your employers. One key example came from a junior staff member at the agency, where Jeanne shared:

“They were the first individual to reach out to our managing partner and say, ‘I’m really struggling. I have roommates at home, and I’m being distracted by them. I’m also distracted by the day-to-day worry. I can see that my work is not as good as I would like. What can I do?’ The response was, ‘Let’s reopen the office for you.’ We told them they were more than welcome to go to the office, and they did.”

We’re so incredibly proud and excited for Jeanne to have had this opportunity and look forward to more chances where she can spread her wealth of knowledge!