Blis, a UK-based data location provider that maps human behavior to help brands understand, reach, and engage consumers, came to SourceCode with the goal of building credibility and brand awareness in an oversaturated location data market. SourceCode was tasked with highlighting Blis’ global insight capabilities and establishing the company as a dominant US player.


SourceCode established a PR program centered around media relations through data-driven storytelling. With no access to Blis’ internal data scientists or analysts, SourceCode had to find creative ways to elevate the company’s messaging while continuing to highlight executives in an ever-changing news cycle. SourceCode turned to consumer surveys as a way to outsource data about the industry on a quarterly basis. The goal was to position Blis as a trusted advisor in the marketing and advertising industry, as well as key trade verticals including retail, travel, automotive, and food and beverage sectors that would ultimately drive sales and traffic to the website.

SourceCode conducted market research to uncover retail trends so when considering consumer data within retail, it was imperative that Blis look at traditional brick and mortar shifts highlighting the importance of a seamless omnichannel experience and how DTC brands were making headway in the industry that was ripe for major disruption. When it came to QSR competition, SourceCode advised Blis to track footfall in major QSR chains as an opportunity to highlight the expected growth of the industry globally. The consumer surveys led to quarterly whitepapers and seasonal infographics providing visual content to fuel earned and owned media.


Within the first two months of working with Blis, SourceCode increased the company’s share of voice from 3% to 55%, an amazing 1,733% boost. The strategy generated 75 earned pieces of coverage with exposure to more than 130MM unique visitors. Additionally, Blis saw 450+ content downloads and $250,000+ in new RFP opportunities.


1733% SOV increase in six months

75 pieces of coverage

15 media/executive briefings

450+ content downloads

$250,000+ in new RFP opportunities