Solari reviews the Spanish Nextfix drama as the show explores the challenges of coming out for different religious and socio-economic backgrounds

Off the back of National Coming Out Day, team member Bruno Solari recently dug in to the issues and challenges being a gay minority. The show is heavy and Solari discusses his own challenges and how they relate to Netflix’s latest drama.


Ménage à trois, murder, drug addiction, and HIV barely scratch the surface on the intense themes explored in Elite, Netflix’s latest sleeper hit. The Spanish soap opera, one of the streaming service’s first, bears unexpected nostalgia for those of us who found it hard to come to terms with our own sexuality. I began watching this show expecting your typical young adult high school drama, but little did I know there would be so many steamy gay storylines that left me sweating. Think: Gossip Girl crossed over with Big Little Lies. This sexy, binge-worthy series follows the lives of three, low-income students who receive a scholarship to La Encina, a top preparatory school attended by Spain’s elite.

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