Kelsey Nass, Account Coordinator at SourceCode Communications

Upon graduation in May 2021, I knew exactly where I wanted to be as I entered my newfound post-grad life. After interning at SouceCode Communications back in 2020, I knew this was a place I would be proud to see myself as I entered my next chapter and my first full-time job. Transitioning from the bubble of my internship to the responsibility of a full-time job came with some growing pains and lessons to be learned, but what remained consistent was the support of the SourceCode team. 

Throughout my internship, I was exposed to the various assets of SourceCode. I dipped my toes in both consumer and B2B accounts, giving me the full scope of what the agency does and where I could fit into the mix. The purpose of an internship is to uncover areas of the industry you like and, sometimes most importantly, what areas you don’t. Being exposed to both sides of the agency gave me a well-rounded perspective of where I could see myself excelling in the future. 

After the summer, I realized that, for me, it didn’t solely matter about the clientele or the industries I was working in; it was about who I was working with. I realized that I was enjoying all of my tasks and clients because I was on such welcoming and supportive teams. What really stuck with me about knowing SourceCode could be my future home was I never felt like the intern. I was treated as an equal, and I was given tasks that were impactful to my teams, way past your typical coffee run.  

Here are some takeaways to make the most of your internship and how to leverage that experience into landing your next role: 

  • Be curious. Questions show intellect not confusion 
  • Give your perspective. Interns and new full-time hires are important because they bring fresh opinions and ideas to the table 
  • Embrace feedback. I was like you, intimidated by people not liking my work. It is important to re-frame, they do like your work but they are teaching you how it could be better 
  • Don’t be afraid. You are going to make mistakes, but remember so did your boss! Everyone has been in your shoes 

I have been working at SourceCode as an Account Coordinator for almost two months and these tips have helped me grow as a professional as I continue to get my footing. While you can learn most things on the job, a positive attitude, curiosity, and confidence in your views are what you need to succeed.