WeRaise was founded in a response to a problem that has plagued offices and boardrooms for decades – our traditional business structures simply don’t work for many parents and primary caregivers. 

As founders of SourceCode Communications and active members of the PR community, we watched as this perennial problem was thrown into sharp relief by the COVID pandemic. The shift to homeschooling meant that moms and primary caregivers were suddenly also required to be teachers and class companions as well as colleagues. And on top of these burdens, the ensuing unemployment crisis disproportionately impacted female workers – women accounted for 100% of the job losses in December 2020.

Since the ‘50s, women have been told we can ‘have it all’ if only we work hard enough. If only we try hard enough. But a quick glance at most c-suites or leadership teams tells a different story, because even women who try their best face overt, and hidden, biases in the workplace.

From my own observations growing up in PR agencies it has long struck that junior teams comprising talented, majority female, bright young things evolve into leadership teams dominated by men. Combining the duties of caregiving and raising children with a career takes its toll and we lose some of the best talent we have in the industry at the very peak of their expertise. It’s terrible for us as business leaders, it’s often tragic for the women exiting the industry, and it is certainly a loss for our industry as a whole.

At WeRaise we want to change this. Accelerated by the pandemic, we think the shift in work as something we do rather than some place we go has paved the way for a new agency model that benefits parents, caregivers and clients alike.

We’re committing to building an agency that works with personal priorities not against them, that enables moms and caregivers to excel on their terms, and gives clients access to some of the best talent in the industry at much more accessible commitment levels. 

We’re so excited to continue our commitment to making our industry more equitable and open to all and to build on the success of our Diversity Marketing Consortium with today’s launch. By blending experience, flexibility and unparalleled focus we’ll raise brand reputations, executive visibility, families, communities and each other. Together…WeRaise.


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