After running a multi-year, successful PR program, when Rachio was looking for a new social media team, they looked no further than SourceCode. Rachio wanted to grow its social media presence and increase engagement across all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to help increase click-throughs, web traffic, and sales. 


Any strong social media program begins with research and planning so the SourceCode team ensured they were thorough, reviewing competitors’ SM programs and looking at ways to create a strategy that was well aligned with Rachio’s overall mission and goals. SourceCode created a dynamic ongoing social content calendar to grow Rachio’s follower base. This included hashtag campaigns, promotions, contests and giveaways, influencer reviews, keywords, engaging with relevant news/posts, and developing unique content. SourceCode leveraged user-generated and influencer-generated content to create engaging content and taployal audiences. Using SEO keywords, the team strategically planned and drafted blog posts to drive more website traffic and strengthen SEO.


48%  increase in Instagram followers 

86%  increase in engagement

144%  sales goal reached

55%  growth YOY

Over just a three-month period, SourceCode was able to increase Rachio’s Instagram followers by 48% (from 1,157 followers to 1,708 followers) and increase engagement by 86%. On Twitter, there was a 3% increase in followers to reach more than 5,000. During this time frame, Rachio reached its 144% sales goal and saw a 55% growth YoY.