SourceCode's Becky Honeyman Quoted in Adweek


Why WPP’s Cryptic Handling of Martin Sorrell’s Resignation Is the Wrong Move

SourceCode co-founder and managing partner, Becky Honeyman, was quoted in Patrick Coffee's piece around WPP handling of Martin Sorrell’s resignation on Adweek. Her excerpt below!

“Given the circumstances, there was no ‘good outcome’ here for WPP,” said PR consultant Becky Honeyman, managing partner at New York’s SourceCode Communications. “From the perspective of an outside observer, WPP operated very much by the book from the moment the allegations were made public.”

Honeyman added that there were “clear attempts at transparency during the investigation” as evidenced “by sharing client and employee communications.” But that’s where the attempts ended. “The statement, ‘the allegation did not involve amounts that are material,’ at its conclusion has exposed them to attack from some in the U.K. for a lack of transparency,” Honeyman said.

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SourceCode Named Top New York Tech PR Firm


New York’s Top Specialty PR Firms, From Travel to Tech and Beyond

We’ve got just 50 slots to recognize the city’s top PR firms every year, but there are scores of specialist agencies that merit honorable mention. With that in mind, Observer ranked agencies in 10 major categories that define their industries.

Under Tech:  SourceCode Communications—Greg Mondshein and U.K. expat Rebecca Honeyman left Hotwire PR to start this smart, scrappy firm that’s making waves with “scale-ups”—as opposed to startups—like Hinge, Buzzweb and Supportful. Relationships with European media give the pair a leg up.

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The Art of Contributed Content


How to promote your organization without drawing editorial ire

It’s very tempting to try and get promotional content into your thought leadership piece.

However, whether it’s data from your platform or a plug for your service, editors will cut it—or worse—it will cause the publication to reject the piece completely.

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Using PR at Thanksgiving


Tips from a crisis communication professional to help keep Thanksgiving filled with warm fuzzies rather than white hot fury

Many PR pros await Thanksgiving festivities with anticipation—some with dread.

Chock full of over-indulgence, “quality” family time, horrendous travel delays, screaming children and full-contact family brawls, this time of year is intense, exciting, stressful and wonderful all at the same time.

Given that Thanksgiving celebrations of one kind or another have occurred for over 600 years, you would think more people would be prepared for the potential pitfalls endemic in the holiday. Yet, every year everyone forgets the effect that tight time schedules, travel nightmares and forced fun can have on their stress levels.

Don’t fret. Here’s a foolproof guide from your neighborhood crisis communications professional to help ensure this year’s Thanksgiving is filled with warm fuzzies rather than white hot fury.

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7 ways to guarantee you lose the pitch


Paying attention to these seven factors will help you and your colleagues win more, land better clients, and build better relationships.

For those of you that partake in the glory and agony of presenting your proposal to a potential prospect, you know how losing feels. You know the effects it has on morale and the ability to get team members to eagerly jump on board next go-round.

Winning has an enormous effect on all aspects of your business, so I figured I'd share with you some lessons I learned the hard way. Let me know what you would add to the list—I'm still on my quest for a 100% win rate.

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How to start a PR agency...


How to start a PR agency: ’Hey Becky, want to start a new agency?,' I asked. 'Yep, let's do it.’ Done.

And so the master plan was set in motion. Over a drink (or two. You know it's always two) in a dingy bar in downtown San Francisco. After a combined 25 years in tech public relations, it was our time. We learned, grew, relocated, experienced some success and most important, found the best possible partner in each other.

Today, my brilliant friend, my grammatical guru and now business partner, Becky Honeyman, and I officially opened the doors at SourceCode Communications.  Check out our write up in PRWeek.

A bit of a SourceCode Manifesto

Our solution will focus on delivering strategies that elicit meaningful responses by bringing together data and insights, creative thinking and a healthy dose of empathy. The keyword being empathy. In an age of AI, robotics and automation, we believe the need to remain human and engaged with our clients AND their audiences is mission critical.

Initially, we’ll be focusing on working with businesses in the consumer, enterprise SaaS, fintech and telecommunications spaces. We are beginning each engagement the right way - by connecting to our clients’ business and individual objectives and devising research-based strategies to accomplish their goals. We're platform agnostic. The only thing that matter is telling stories to the right people in the right places. Period.

A big thank you and a promise

As we reflect on our careers and this incredible launch day, the outpouring of support has been inspiring and humbling.  We know building an agency will bring pressures to change and adapt - and through it all we promise to stay true to who we are.  Humble, honest, tenacious and a bit silly.

Let’s do this.