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We've united industry partners to launch the Diversity Marketing Consortium

In an effort to help offset systemic racial and gender-based inequality for diverse founders, we’re proud to share that SourceCode Communications, employee experience agency Cheer Partners, influencer agency Social Studies, and performance marketing agency Superbolt are uniting to form The Diversity Marketing Consortium.

Recent events have highlighted the ways in which women and minorities don’t have the same equal access to opportunities. Our country is on a long road to repair systemic inequities plaguing every aspect of our lives, and the DMC is only one way we can help on that journey. Founded on the recognition of these injustices, the Diversity Marketing Consortium commits to providing $1.5 million in marketing services to diverse founders over the course of two years.

Through our partnership with Harlem Capital Partners (HCP), an early-stage venture capital firm committed to investing in underrepresented founders, recipient companies will include those in HCP’s portfolio, in addition to startups via an open call for applicants.

The time for change is now, and it’s long overdue. Check out more information on the Diversity Marketing Consortium at www.diversitymarketingconsortium.com and see what our industry leaders are saying below:

What We’re Reading: SourceCode Version

Due to COVID-19, summer plans have been halted for almost everyone. In addition to managing work, rethinking childcare, and processing what’s going on, many people have also had more time on their hands to take on new projects, read new books or even learn new skills.

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, our team has compiled a list of book recommendations to read this summer that range from fiction and memoirs to short stories that can take your mind off of the stress of everyday life. No matter what your plan for the long weekend is, here are a few books we recommend:


Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 9.59.09 PM.png

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

Set over the course of five decades, The Dutch House is a dark tale about two smart people who cannot overcome their past. The story is told by Cyril’s son Danny, as he and his older sister, the brilliantly acerbic and self-assured Maeve, are exiled from the house where they grew up by their stepmother.

“After a friend recommended the book, I started reading it and was immediately drawn to the characters and storytelling. But then, I found out Tom Hanks narrated it on Audible and picked up listening to the book and fell even more in love!” - Cori Cagide, Senior Account Manager 


Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 9.51.20 PM.png

Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York by Sari Botton 

In this captivating collection, 28 writers take up Joan Didion's literary legacy - an essay called Goodbye to All That, a work of such candid and penetrating prose that it soon became the gold standard for personal essays - by sharing their own New York stories.

“If you are a NYC lover like me, this is an absolute must read. It's based on Joan Didion's prolific personal essay from 1967 called Goodbye to All That, detailing her story of loving and leaving New York. In this book, 28 writers share their own New York stories through this bundle of essays, and it's really touching and beautifully written. One writer wrote about New York: "I noticed that you could cry in public and people carefully ignored you-not maliciously, but because it’s understood that privacy is in short supply."

As someone who has lived here for 6 years and has been through it all with this city - the best nights of my life filled with dancing and laughter and good wine, to the days crying in the middle of the street after a tough conversation, to meeting strangers that change everything and become people you don't know how you ever lived without, etc., this book nailed the true love story that is at the heart of this city for those who have lived here and adored it.”  - Allie Novak, Senior Media Strategist 


Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 9.52.52 PM.png

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante 

A modern masterpiece from one of Italy's most acclaimed authors, My Brilliant Friend is a rich, intense and generous hearted story about two friends, Elena and Lila.

“If you’re looking for a lazy summer read that transports you somewhere outside of your house (and off your couch), quarantine might be the perfect time to finally tackle Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels. Translated from her native Italian and taking place in her hometown of Naples, the series follows the complicated friendship of two women over the course of fifty years.

The books are hefty - all together, the four books clock in around 1500 pages - and they’re slow moving in a poetic kind of way, but what else are you doing? Bonus: the first two books were recently adapted into an HBO series that gives you all of the Italian landscape shots you need to get you through a sheltered-in-place summer.” - Naomi Sabbah, Senior Account Executive


Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 9.54.39 PM.png

The Island at the Center of the World by Russel Shorto 

Drawing on this remarkable archive, Russell Shorto has created a gripping narrative–a story of global sweep centered on a wilderness called Manhattan–that transforms our understanding of early America. The Island at the Center of the World uncovers a lost world and offers a surprising new perspective on our own.

“For anyone looking for perspective on our current situation this story charts the forgotten (or previously hidden) Dutch origins and history of Manhattan and is a good reminder that New York has been through a lot and has always overcome challenges.” - Becky Honeyman, Managing Partner


Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 9.56.06 PM.png

Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff 

Team Human is a manifesto—a fiery distillation of preeminent digital theorist Douglas Rushkoff’s most urgent thoughts on civilization and human nature. In one hundred lean and incisive statements, he argues that we are essentially social creatures, and that we achieve our greatest aspirations when we work together—not as individuals.

“For tech lovers thinking about all the changes that might be accelerated as a result of COVID, Team Human is a manifesto of how we rebuild and reframe our community with tech bringing us together rather than dividing us.” - Becky Honeyman, Managing Partner 


Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 9.58.00 PM.png

In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson 

In A Sunburned Country is Bill Bryson’s report on Australia, the country that doubles as a continent, and a place with the friendliest inhabitants, the hottest, driest weather, and the most peculiar and lethal wildlife to be found on the planet.

“I found this story hysterical and the way Bryson describes his travels in Australia is so fun to read at a time when we’re all at home an

A Statement from SourceCode Founders


#KeepFamiliesTogether: A Statement from the SourceCode Founders

As a business focused on building connections, relationships and humanity in the work we do for clients, with the media and each other, we find the current state of affairs at our southern border appalling. Putting politics aside, we believe first and foremost, that all human beings are  entitled to certain unalienable rights. We stand with those dedicating hearts, minds and dollars to fix injustice. We remind everyone what is inscribed on a plaque at the foot of Statue of Liberty - the beacon of hope for those looking for refuge on our shores. Shores that we both benefited from.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Thus, we’re immediately donating $1,500 dollars to the ACLU and matching any donations our team members choose to give.

Additionally, we’re looking to support the ACLU and the numerous partner organizations joining the fight by donating not just dollars but also time and expertise. Whether it’s media engagement or message development crafted to support getting the message out, we’re all in.


Greg & Becky

SourceCode Bolsters Ad & Martech Practice


SourceCode Communications Bolsters Ad & Martech Practice, Announces AOR Relationships with FocusVision and SOCi; hires PR veteran executive Sara Ajemian

NEW YORK—May 16, 2018, 12:00 PM EST—New York tech agency SourceCode Communications announced today the hiring of PR veteran Sara Ajemian to lead the ad and martech practice, while continuing to drive business impact with two new client engagements: FocusVision and SOCi.

FocusVision is a full-suite research-technology solutions provider and SOCi is a leading social media management solution for multi-location enterprises. For both businesses, Ajemian and the SourceCode team will focus on redefining the messaging platforms, organizing the communications strategy and building creative campaigns that drive customer awareness and understanding; and ultimately, business growth.

FocusVision Lead Research Strategist Zoe Dowling stated: “FocusVision rebranded after  completing multiple acquisitions. We needed a partner that understood this unique challenge, believed in our business and intuitively knew how to be effective in the research space. SourceCode clearly demonstrated this and, in just a few short weeks, has helped us professionalize the way we think about communications and is well on the way to helping us build the right strategy and messaging architecture.

Monica Ho, CMO at SOCi remarked: “We selected SourceCode because of the firm’s depth of experience in our sector and the way they built a thoughtful plan to attack our unique challenges. We’re seeing great traction, planning and ability to think strategically and react effectively to the news agenda.”

SourceCode Communications Managing Partner, Greg Mondshein stated: “We’re so excited to be working with both organizations—they are pioneers in their space and run by some truly exceptional executives. With these two additions, the advertising and marketing technology space now makes up 40% of our client portfolio and thus an integral part of our business.”

Ajemian joins SourceCode from DiGennaro Communications where for nearly four years she  managed a team of communications strategists across a broad B2B portfolio of global marketing service providers, adtech startups, creative and media agencies, and other data-driven digital companies. She was a critical member of the independent agency’s Leadership Team and supported a number of internal initiatives throughout her tenure, including recruitment, employee training and new business. Ajemian has previously held a number of in-house roles, driving communication strategy and initiatives for CMP.LY, Kinetic, R/GA, the American Foundation for the Blind and Little Diversified Architectural Consulting.

Explaining her decision to join SourceCode, Ajemian said: “I am passionate about how companies are using data to impact and define the future of business and SourceCode has found a niche partnering with clients who sit at the core of this space. I’m thrilled to join the team and continue to support the momentum the firm has experienced in such a short amount of time.”

Added Mondshein: “We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and the only way that happens is to continue building a team of brilliant PR professionals that have the experience to think and execute strategically for our clients. Needless to say, we couldn’t be happier welcoming Sara to the family.”

Since launching in early September 2017, its focus on strategy, insights and creative narrative development has won the SourceCode team more than 13 clients as well as key industry accolades. SourceCode Co-founder Greg Mondshein was named Co-Chair of the PR Council Next Board. The agency was recently named a top NYC tech agency by the Observer and a 2018 New Agency of the Year Finalist by Holmes Report and also won an In2Sabre Award this past February.

About SourceCode Communications

SourceCode Communications is a 2018 In2 Sabre Award winning communications marketing agency launched in 2017 by technology PR industry veterans Greg Mondshein and Rebecca Honeyman. Based in New York, the agency is focused on delivering measurable business impact to brands in five major sectors - consumer lifestyle, enterprise technology, marketing technology, mobile and telecommunications and financial technology. SourceCode is a 3x 2018 In2Sabre nominee, 1x In2Sabre winner and a Holmes Report 2018 New Agency of the Year Finalist. For more information, please visit www.sourcecodecommunications.com.

Media Contact for:
Greg Mondshein
Managing Partner


Six months in

SourceCode's Becky Honeyman Reflects on the First Six Months

We had wondered how best to mark or celebrate being in business for six months but we hadn’t quite anticipated something quite this awesome.

We started our week by being notified that we had been shortlisted by The Holmes Report as one of its Best New Agencies in its Agency of the Year Awards. Now, I’m not going to lie… there were tears. And squeals. And stunned silences.

It was one of those moments that makes all the hard work so worthwhile and we still can’t quite believe that our name is up there  (I have checked and re-checked more than once this week, just to be sure). That’s not to say that I don’t think our team deserves to be nominated. I just can’t believe just how much we have achieved in such a short time.

Last summer this business didn’t exist outside of an Evernote folder so it is amazing to look around our office at a team of seven incredibly talented individuals, all working to deliver incredible, thoughtful and AWARD-WINNING work for our clients. There are a ton of milestones we could pick but it seemed easiest to break the months down by the numbers...

FOUR award shortlists. Now, this seems crazy for a business so young but it is testament not just to the hard work and brilliance of our team and the courage of our clients, but also to the vision of co-founder, Greg Mondshein. One of the biggest lessons for us all is that we have to have the bravery and belief to engage in the industry at that level (even when we were so young we felt like it might be the longest of shots).

ONE award win. See above; we won an In2 Sabre for work we did in our very first quarter with relationship app, Hinge. To be nominated and then to win, speaks volumes about the caliber of work this team was producing even in its earliest days. I had read this in a hundred ‘start-up’ and founder articles but it’s so true. Act like you're the business you want to be, even when there are four of you hanging out in your buddy’s office. It shapes how you grow.

TWO tax payments. Building a business is about so much more than doing amazing work with talented teams. Both Greg and I have spent more time than we could have anticipated working through legal, tax and operational agreements. Learning to trust outside counsel and support with your baby can be difficult - we’ve been lucky to get recommendations from trusted mentors that have helped guide and advise us through our first six month, and build systems that will support more growth in the coming six.

THREE published thought leaders. Very early on, we got some very good advice from a very smart founder (thanks Binna!) to ‘play big’. We’ve tried to adopt that across everything we do - creative, client work and industry engagement, and we encourage big opinions from everyone on our team. The result is that half of us has seen their own thoughts published across marketing and PR outlets. And we’re just getting started.

FIVE incredible hires. Seriously. The adage that your first hires shape everything is entirely true (based on our admittedly limited empirical evidence). It all started with a recommendation from a great industry pal (thanks Jay!), and we were off. We’ve been lucky enough to persuade some incredibly talented (and much smarter than us!) people to join this journey. The big lesson has been just how much we all have to trust each other to do the right thing for the business. Raw talent, attitude and trust are more important than industry experience or traditional PR skills. That will continue to drive our recruitment decisions as we try to build the best team of communicators and client partners.

HUNDREDS. We owe hundreds of thank yous.

Not least to the incredible clients that were brave enough to take a punt on a small new agency with big, noisy opinions. We love you, we love working with you, and we promise we will always be as excited as you are about amazing coverage, your award wins and all the possibilities.

And then our mentors; some of the smartest people in the comms world and beyond. For every email, every coffee, every recommendation and good word you have put in. We hope one day we can find a way to repay you, and better yet, pass it on.

We are so aware and so grateful to have what feels like an army of supporters with us on this journey. We couldn’t do it without you and we’re just getting started.

SourceCode Shortlisted for Best New Agency


SourceCode Shortlisted as one of The Holmes Report's 2018 North American New Agencies of the Year

We're starting of the week right with a Holmes Report New Agency of the Year Shortlist nomination! To be shortlisted as a finalist among such talented peers is an incredible honor and we owe a lot of people a LOT of thank yous. We have been very fortunate to have great mentors, fantastic clients and most importantly, an amazing team. We're taking a moment to celebrate, but then getting right back to work. #prlife

Congratulations to all the other finalists - we're delighted and amazed to be in your company! We'll see you at the SABRE Awards at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York on May 1. We'll be the over-excited and incredibly noisy table - come say hi!

SourceCode Wins for MicroMarketing!


SourceCode Communications Wins In2Sabre Awards

Becky and I are thrilled to share that SourceCode Communications won for our work with Hinge in the Micro Marketing category last night at the In2Sabre Awards in New York. To be recognized by the team of judges at The Holmes Report is such an incredible honor. We’re truly humbled.

Our campaign was a virtual pop-up for Hinge which manifested itself in the form of the Milestone Market. We created the first ever digital pop-up that celebrated relationship milestones and couples that met on the app that had reached these milestones could submit win product from brand partners. We wanted to position the brand as actual ‘relationship app’ for millennials while most others were focused on the casual hook up.  This campaign’s methodical 5 stage approach ensured credibility, exposed us to millions of partner brands audiences through our build-in partner brand social promotion obligations and ensured we had multiple stories to tell. More than 20 pieces of published coverage provided them exposure to over 615M unique and highly targeted potential customers. We were able to secure 3 executive interviews and the subscribers based on the platform increased 10% during the two week period we were executing the campaign. Prizes sold out within a week and Power Couples has become an ongoing marketing initiative that continues to bare fruit.

Along with the win for Micro Marketing, SourceCode was also shortlisted for Best Agency Marketing and Lean Marketing. This wouldn’t be possible without our inspirational clients who took a risk on us in our early days and our incredibly talented and driven team. Thank you all for the support - it’s been an awesome ride so far. Here’s to many more award nights for SourceCode! Check out the full list of winners HERE.

Preparing for Entrepreneurship


Key Takeaways from SourceCode co-founder Becky Honeyman's Interview with Marlow

Last week, I participated in a Facebook Live interview with Marlow, a career design platform, about launching SourceCode Communications earlier this year with Greg.  Entrepreneurism can be a scary undertaking but we’ve been surrounded with endless support. During this process we’ve discovered what an amazing community of entrepreneurs and supporters we have in our network. Because of this experience, I want to give back by sharing the lessons I’ve learned in my career, how I knew it was time to launch a business, and how I prepared for the entrepreneurial leap of faith.

Here are some key takeaways I highlighted in the interview for professionals thinking about taking the leap:

Do your homework. Make sure you really know what you’re getting into, and make sure you have the support - emotional and financial - to be able to do it. There are some many other things to worry about - whether you can pay your rent is not one that should be clouding your judgement. When we decided to start the company, we began by looking at the commercial data - worked out our vision, our commercial goals and really what we wanted to do differently to every other agency. We spent a lot of time working through the financials,the operational stuff, the resourcing as well as the more exciting, creative things like working with designers on logos and websites. And then, we worked out our own financials. Everything we knew about starting your own business told us the fairly decent salaries we had been used to were unlikely in the near term at least so we had to make sure we had enough saved, squirreled away to help us through the early days.

Consider a partner. With my partner, we have a ying/yang thing going on which serves us incredibly well. We’re both enormously ambitious and driven but our skill sets are different and complementary. Where i tend to overthink and overly analytical - always wanting to consider a challenge from every perspective, my partner is much more keen to take a leap. Between us we have a good combination of considered and confident.  Even when we drive each other mad, and as opposites we do, it’s so much better to have someone to share your concerns.

Outsource what you can so you can focus on what’s important. When you’re starting a business, you’re not going to want to spend time looking at spreadsheets to determine taxes, experiences, benefits, etc. One of the things I’m most thankful for is finding platforms to help us with accounting and HR functions. Taking those things off our plate has allowed us to concentrate on the business while not having to worry that the business isn’t being taxes correctly or that our first employee isn’t being paid this week.

When Greg and I were first thinking about doing this we spoke with a guy who had set up his own business a year or so ago and I remember asking him at what point you stop worrying. He deadpanned me and said, “You know, it’s a bit like breaking your leg. You heal, but the pain never really goes away.”

At the time I laughed but it’s true. When we talk to industry peers about where we are just a few months in, we are regularly told that we are doing brilliantly but for us it will never be quite good enough. We can always do better.

Starting SourceCode always feels like a good decision especially with our quick growth and early industry recognition.. Even on the crappiest days, I am glad it’s our crappy day.

To see the whole interview, visit Marlow’s video here.

Wrapping up the year with a bang!


SourceCode's Greg Mondshein Named PR Council's Next Board Member

It’s an exciting time for SourceCode. We’ve just announced the signing of three amazing consumer technology clients and we’re wrapping up 2017 having doubled our projections with a roster of truly exciting clients. I’m humbled and excited to see what 2018 brings.

The selection to be a part of the PR Council’s first ever Next Board is truly a testament to the early success we’re experiencing. It’s an honor and most importantly - an exciting opportunity to learn from the best as we continue to build our agency.

As a Next Board member, I look forward to hopefully bringing a unique perspective to the challenges facing our industry, but also the opportunities. Hopefully, I’m able to give as much back as I’m going to get out of the experience.

If you’re in any way involved in the business of PR, I’d love to hear from you. What are we doing well? What needs to change? How do we thrive in the world we now live in?  Your insight will be invaluable as we work together to shape the direction of our industry.

Thank you all for the support - it’s been an awesome first 3 months.

How to start a PR agency...


How to start a PR agency: ’Hey Becky, want to start a new agency?,' I asked. 'Yep, let's do it.’ Done.

And so the master plan was set in motion. Over a drink (or two. You know it's always two) in a dingy bar in downtown San Francisco. After a combined 25 years in tech public relations, it was our time. We learned, grew, relocated, experienced some success and most important, found the best possible partner in each other.

Today, my brilliant friend, my grammatical guru and now business partner, Becky Honeyman, and I officially opened the doors at SourceCode Communications.  Check out our write up in PRWeek.

A bit of a SourceCode Manifesto

Our solution will focus on delivering strategies that elicit meaningful responses by bringing together data and insights, creative thinking and a healthy dose of empathy. The keyword being empathy. In an age of AI, robotics and automation, we believe the need to remain human and engaged with our clients AND their audiences is mission critical.

Initially, we’ll be focusing on working with businesses in the consumer, enterprise SaaS, fintech and telecommunications spaces. We are beginning each engagement the right way - by connecting to our clients’ business and individual objectives and devising research-based strategies to accomplish their goals. We're platform agnostic. The only thing that matter is telling stories to the right people in the right places. Period.

A big thank you and a promise

As we reflect on our careers and this incredible launch day, the outpouring of support has been inspiring and humbling.  We know building an agency will bring pressures to change and adapt - and through it all we promise to stay true to who we are.  Humble, honest, tenacious and a bit silly.

Let’s do this.