Leaving Breadcrumbs: SourceCode Superstars Share Their Best Career Advice

By Sophia Feleke, Account Director

Throughout my career, I’ve always tried to be a sponge when it comes to getting career advice. Here are a few things that have guided & helped me along the way:

Know Your Why
In college, a mentor once said that “it’s not about what you do, but why you do it.” That phrase has stuck with me ever since and guides how I approach work and life in general. At work, it’s a way to check in with myself, ensuring I understand the task at hand and how it fits into the larger picture - whether that be anything from a media strategy to the business of our business. More importantly, it helps with finding your voice and defining what you’re passionate about.

Be Curious
Storytelling is beautiful because it transcends time and cultures. Growing up as a child of immigrants, asking questions and being curious was how I learned the best stories about my family. It’s how I connected to my roots. The same thing can be said for PR. I’ve found curiosity to be one of the most valuable tools throughout my career. It leads to that “ah ha” moment for an idea but it can also help you get to know your team better. On the flip side, being curious can also come in the form of listening because there’s a lot of value in not only what is being said but what isn’t. The key is to keep your curiosity alive.

I’ve personally found that when you marry the two it encourages creativity and authenticity - the soul of any good story.

Leaving Breadcrumbs: SourceCode Superstars Share Their Best Career Advice

By Cori Cagide, Senior Account Director

I’ve always been a “people person.” It’s something I’ve both aspired to be and been told I am by friends, parents and teachers, and it’s what ultimately led me to a career in communications. That descriptor has always stuck with me, and it’s helped mold me into the person and professional I am today. It’s also taught me a couple of things about how to lead:

Be Human
Along the way, I’ve found that it’s that people element - being human - that makes a strong leader. I’ve learned this from professors, managers and various other mentors throughout my career. I’m drawn to those that share in this value of being human. It’s also a big selling point for me when connecting with peers, clients and companies. It’s what led me to SourceCode.

Lead with Empathy
A big component of being human is being empathetic. Of course, there are times where you may need to be stern or hold teams accountable, but in the end, people want to work for someone they feel they can trust and be open with. I personally have always worked harder for the empathetic leaders, versus those who have led with an iron fist. Finding that balance of being someone your colleagues can come to for advice but also respect was super challenging for me at first. But over time, I’ve found that in leading with empathy, you build teams that want to do good work, not just for themselves or the health of the business, but also for you.

Leaving Breadcrumbs: SourceCode Superstars Share Their Best Career Advice

How I Got Here: Top 2 Things SourceCoders Learned From Their Careers
By Kayleigh Jones, Account Director

As I’ve interacted with new people, navigated new situations and grown into new roles throughout my career, I’ve learned a handful of incredibly valuable lessons along the way. From those experiences, here are two things I’ve vowed to do every day.

1. Don’t Expect Perfection.
This was a hard pill for me to swallow (at first). If something I wrote came back with a lot of edits or I said the wrong thing on a call, it would ruin my whole day – but we all make mistakes. In fact, I’ve made mistakes in every job I’ve ever had. Rather than expecting perfection, I’ve learned to celebrate progress. Expecting perfection is unrealistic. There will always be something I could’ve done better, but learning from it and doing better next time is the only way to grow as a person or a professional.

2. Be a Team Player.
Maybe my team mentality comes from a long history of playing soccer, but over the years I’ve realized just how important being a team player is in the professional world, too. No matter what your experience level is or what your job description says, don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Businesses rely on a team of people to succeed, and sometimes that means rolling up your sleeves and tackling things outside of your usual to-do list. When something comes up suddenly or needs to be adjusted at the last minute, lend a hand in getting it through the finish line. Everyone is working towards a common goal, and being a team player sets the group up for success.

There is no universal playbook for success but the lessons learned from your experiences can help move your career forward. Sometimes, even the smallest or most unexpected lessons can be the driving factor in reaching your goals.

2023 PRNEWS Agency Elite Top 100 Winner- SourceCode Communications

We're thrilled to announce that for the third year in a row, SourceCode Communications is being featured on PRNews Agency Elite Top 100 list. As we navigate some challenging economic waters and celebrate our 5th birthday, we're humbled to be once again recognized by our peers as one of the premier agencies in the US.

Launched in 2020, the list is designed to demonstrate the wide range of industry specializations and core capabilities that public relations encompasses, including brand building, crisis communications, media relations, public affairs, social media, B2B communications, among others. Agencies on this year’s list are of all sizes and ages (the oldest agency having been founded in 1946; the youngest in 2020), in all regions of the country. We are excited beyond measure to be honored with the other nominees for 2023.