Gorillas Names SourceCode Communications U.S. PR Agency of Record

NEW YORK—July 15, 2021— SourceCode Communications today announced that it has been selected as the U.S. communications agency of record for Gorillas, the on-demand grocery delivery startup and the fastest European startup to reach unicorn status. Starting its partnership in April 2021, SourceCode was brought on to help launch Gorillas in the U.S. and establish the brand as a more convenient and quality grocery delivery option. Leading earned media strategy and execution for Gorillas in the U.S. market, SourceCode will also drive thought leadership efforts for Gorillas executives and support influencer relations in key markets.

“When looking for an agency to partner with, we were intent on finding a company that was well rounded in the communications landscape and that also had similar core values to Gorillas,” said Lisa Ganz, Head of Brand, NA. “SourceCode not only comes with experience launching international brands in the US and sustaining positive momentum well beyond launch, but they also have a strong commitment to diversity and making a positive community impact. We are confident they’re the right partner to help us bring the next generation of grocery delivery to consumers in a meaningful way.”

Founded in 2020, Gorillas provides on demand grocery delivery service in 10 minutes or less, while still giving consumers an exceptional product experience that mirrors a trip to the supermarket. Beyond the superior customer experience and fresh products, Gorillas is committed to supporting local and mission driven businesses, partnering with vendors that represent the communities they serve. Gorillas also emphasizes the positive treatment of their riders by offering full-time employment and benefits.

“We were immediately impressed by Gorillas’ model of grocery delivery in 10-minutes or less and after hearing more about the mission-driven nature of the company, we felt instantly connected to the brand,” said Nicole Pfeifer, VP, Consumer at SourceCode. “The e-grocery space continues to be one to watch and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome a game changing company like Gorillas to our growing consumer roster.”

SourceCode, founded in 2017, has a legacy of bringing disruptive brands in the consumer space to the forefront of their respective industries, including consumer clients such as Kinship, MakeSpace, and Handshake. The agency has been recognized for its notable work with consumer and B2B clients, taking home best consumer campaign of the year for Everlast Worldwide’s “Be First” Campaign at PRovoke Media’s 2020 SABREAwards North America, and coming in second place nationally and fourth globally in PRovoke Media’s Global PR Agency Rankings 2020. SourceCode also took home the honor of being named PRWeek’s 2020 US Outstanding Boutique Agency. 

For more information, visit www.sourcecodecommunications.com.

PRC's Pride Partnership with Reimagine Gender – Browse the resources created for organizations to become more gender-inclusive environments

To celebrate Pride month in 2021, the PR Council partnered with Reimagine Gender, an organization dedicated to helping corporations, NGOs, families, and policymakers better understand gender so they can help their communities thrive. The goal of the partnership is to help the PRC’s member firms create more inclusive workplace practices and provide more culturally competent counsel to clients.

Here at SourceCode, we are committed to continued learning and education around the evolving gender-inclusivity conversations and are excited to support PR Council’s partnership with Reimagine Gender. 

Throughout Pride month, PRC worked with Reimagine Gender to help members, like SourceCode, think beyond the binary and take actions to help make workplaces, counsel and campaigns more inclusive. Below is a round-up of the educational content and resources included to help individuals and organizations dig deeper and take action to become more gender inclusive throughout June and beyond.

Learning the key differences between Gender, Identity, Sex and Sexual Orientation

Starting off this month with the basics — to help you and your organization expand your understanding of gender. Reimagine Gender breaks down the key differences between gender identity, sex, and sexual orientation, which are often conflated and incorrectly used interchangeably. You’ll also have a chance to explore your own gender story. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3gnbQCL 

Understanding Gender Newsletter

In an effort to expand our understanding of gender and how we embody the most inclusive counsel and business practices, Reimagine Gender published a newsletter to act as a resource for continued learning. Systemic change and our personal journeys in self-awareness and unlearning is an ongoing effort, so the newsletter acts as a way to support their work with companies, organizations, families and more to think outside the binary. Sign up here: https://www.reimaginegender.org/

Addressing pronouns 

Pronouns are crucial to understanding the LBGTQIA+ community. This resource outlines their importance, how we ask about them, and how to respectfully move forward when we make a mistake. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2UwTOFN

At SourceCode, we encourage all staff to update their pronouns across company emails and business profiles, to foster a healthier, safe space so everyone can bring their whole self to work and be respected for it.

Reimagine Gender is working with companies, communities, families and more to help expand people’s understanding of gender. You can support the organization’s vital work and mission by donating today here: https://bit.ly/2S4IhN2

To learn more about the PR Council’s and Reimagine Gender’s efforts during Pride Month, visit https://prcouncil.net/gender/. Don’t forget to check out SourceCode’ progress of making decisions based on equity and inclusivity through our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion page here

SourceCode Communications Celebrates and Honors Pride Month

Every June, we celebrate, honor and commemorate LGBTQA+ Pride Month in the U.S. Officially recognized in 1969 following the Stonewall riots, with the first Pride March occurring in 1970, Pride Month celebrates the LGBTQA+ movement. While Pride Marches have occurred globally for the past few decades and companies across industries have started to make a greater effort to honor the community, it’s important to understand the history of the movement. 

The term “Pride” can be credited to Brenda Howard, a bisexual New York activist nicknamed the "Mother of Pride," who organized the first Pride parade to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. We can also recognize Harvey Milk for the traditional pride rainbow flag, a symbol that is inclusive and represents a broad community of lesbian, gay, bisexual people, people who are trans, poly, asexual or queer. 

In honor of Pride, the SourceCode team has compiled resources for continued learning, opportunities for shopping at small businesses, attending events or rallies and supporting the movement all year round. See some of those resources below:  

Learn (Read, Watch & Listen)

  • Tomorrow Will Be Different, before she became the first transgender person to speak at a national political convention in 2016 at the age of twenty-six, Sarah McBride struggled with the decision to come out—not just to her family but to the students of American University, where she was serving as student body president.
  • The Stonewall Reader, June 28, 2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, which is considered the most significant event in the gay liberation movement, and the catalyst for the modern fight for LGBTQ rights in the United States. Drawing from the New York Public Library’s archives, The Stonewall Reader is a collection of first accounts, diaries, periodic literature, and articles from LGBTQ magazines and newspapers that documented both the years leading up to and the years following the riots.
  • Sissy, as a young child in North Carolina, Jacob Tobia wasn’t the wrong gender, they just had too much of the stuff. Barbies? Yes. Playing with bugs? Absolutely. Getting muddy? Please. Princess dresses? You betcha. Jacob wanted it all, but because they were “a boy,” they were told they could only have the masculine half. Acting feminine labelled them “a sissy” and brought social isolation.
  • Pride (2021), “PRIDE” is a six-part documentary series chronicling the struggle for LGBTQ+ civil rights in America from the 1950s through the 2000s. Six renowned LGBTQ+ directors explore heroic and heartbreaking stories that define us as a nation. The limited series spans the FBI surveillance of homosexuals during the 1950s Lavender Scare to the “Culture Wars” of the 1990s and beyond, exploring the queer legacy of the Civil Rights movement and the battle over marriage equality. The evolution of trans rights and identities through the decades is charted through interviews and archival footage of pioneers
  • Love, Victor (2020 - Present), Set in the world of the original 2018 film “Love, Simon,” the series follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation. When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school.
  • Changing The Game (2021), CHANGING THE GAME takes us into the lives of three high school athletes—all at different stages of their athletic seasons, personal lives, and unique paths as transgender teens.
  • Getting Curious, a weekly exploration of all the things Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye, Gay of Thrones) is curious about. Come on a journey with Jonathan and experts in their respective fields as they get curious about anything and everything under the sun.
  • Food 4 Thot, a roundtable discussion podcast wherein a multiracial mix of queer writers talk sex, relationships, race, identity, what we like to read, and who we like to read.
  • Making Gay History, intimate, personal portraits of both known and long-forgotten champions, heroes, and witnesses to history brought to you from rare archival interviews.




  • The Trevor Project, founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.
  • It Gets Better Project, the It Gets Better Project is a nonprofit organization with a mission to uplift, empower, and connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth around the globe. Learn more about our work.
  • National Center for Transgender Equality, The National Center for Transgender Equality advocates to change policies and society to increase understanding and acceptance of transgender people. In the nation’s capital and throughout the country, NCTE works to replace disrespect, discrimination, and violence with empathy, opportunity, and justice.

In 2020, SourceCode committed to being more intentional about building a team and a commercial entity that was both more reflective of the world we live in, and more financially engaged with communities of color. To keep up with our progress of making decisions based on equity and inclusivity, check out our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion page here.

SourceCode Communications’ Managing Partner Rebecca Honeyman Recognized in PRSA-NY Leadership in DEI Honors

Last week, the Public Relations Society of America’s New York chapter (PRSA-NY) announced four honorees and six honorable mentions during its inaugural Driving DEI Forward Summit. Amongst the honorable mentions for Leadership in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was SourceCode’s own Rebecca Honeyman. 

The chapter’s Leadership in DEI Honors recognize the DEI achievements in-house and in public relations campaigns. Honeyman was named among  other industry trailblazers, including executives from MikeWorldWide, BNY Mellon, HUNTER, Day One Agency and Rubenstein. 

“The conversations being held and campaigns being produced around DEI right now are so crucial in fostering the future of responsible and educated communications. Creating inclusive work environments and diverse brand campaigns should be top of mind for executives at each and every organization, and I am delighted to be recognized as one of those leaders,” said Honeyman.

Missed your opportunity to tune into last week’s summit? Keep up with PRSA-NY’s upcoming events by visiting https://www.prsany.org/.

In 2020, SourceCode committed to being more intentional about building a team and a commercial entity that was both more reflective of the world we live in, and more financially engaged with communities of color. To keep up with our progress of making decisions based on equity and inclusivity, check out our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion page here.

Staying close to your values: SourceCode Communications’ fireside chat with Sabrina Horn

Last week, SourceCode Communications had the honor to sit down with Sabrina Horn, award-winning CEO, Communications Expert, Advisor, and Author to discuss authentic leadership, post-pandemic trends in marketing, and other themes from her upcoming book “Make It, Don’t Fake It”.

Sabrina started off by discussing how the traditional idea of “fake it till you make it” is over-permeated in our society, and reminded our team  of the importance of integrity and authenticity. Below are a few more themes Sabrina uncovered during our fireside chat:

Stop overselling yourself

Authenticity and integrity are like beauty –– they’re in the eyes of the beholder. We must decide for ourselves what that means and where  our boundaries lie. Put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others, and stay grounded in your goals and reality. 

Battling imposter syndrome

Did you know that around 70% of all people in business experience imposter syndrome at some point throughout their career? This problem can be extremely debilitating, but, there’s a way to combat this feeling of fraud and it helps to talk to mentors or trusted colleagues. Picture yourself casted in your own movie –– how do you want to be portrayed? Start creating it. 

Avoid the comparison trap

We’re all in control of our own destiny, and we only have one life to live. Destiny is what people will say about you when you’re gone, so it’s important to know what you’d like that story to be. Sketching out a roadmap for personal or business goals can go a long way in finding yourself and what matters most to you. 

Become a realistic optimist 

It can be difficult to stay grounded in reality, but no matter how hard, or how dark it gets, there is always a solution or answer for you to uncover. Resilience and persistence are key in weathering the hard times, but leading with honesty and candor can provide a delicate balance of a leveled head and a sunny outlook. 

Find moments of balance

Whether it's a five-minute breathing exercise, or a quick walk around the block, it’s important for everyone to find a moment to themselves throughout the day. If everything is important, then nothing is important. These moments of balance can help focus our energy in the right direction. 

Sabrina’s book is slated  to publish on June 22. Want to learn more about what SourceCode Communications is up to? Shoot as a note at hello@sourcecodecomms.com

Kinship Names SourceCode Communications PR Agency of Record

NEW YORK—June 1, 2021— SourceCode Communications today announced that it had been selected as the communications agency of record for Kinship Partners, Inc., a company dedicated to reimagining the pet parenting experience through innovative products and services. Starting its partnership in March 2021, SourceCode’s focus centers around elevating Kinship’s extensive pet insights and the brand’s expertise as a foremost thought leader in the pet space. In addition to thought leadership efforts for Kinship, SourceCode will support PR efforts across two of Kinship’s staple pet care products, WHISTLE™ GPS dog tracker, leader in pet health, wellness, and GPS tracking and Wisdom Panel, leader in pet genetics solutions.

“When looking for an agency to partner with, we were intent on finding a group who had experience working with consumer products as well as the ability to tell robust thought leadership stories using data,” said Tessa Gould, Head of Growth at Kinship. “SourceCode not only comes with that experience, but we were impressed with their strategic media and creative thinking. We’re excited to work together to bring the next generation of pet care products and services to consumers.”

Founded in 2019, Kinship, is a first-of-its-kind coalition dedicated to creating the future of pet care, providing unique access to data, science and industry expertise. WHISTLE™ GPS dog tracker and Wisdom Health Genetics are both brands under Kinship that are bringing science and technology to the pet care industry through intuitive and customizable products. The tracking provided by WHISTLE™ products allows pet parents to identify health issues before they become an issue and the Wisdom Panel™ provides vital information about your pet’s breed and genetic health that helps pet parents take better care of their pets.

“As a team of pet lovers, we know as much as anyone that your pet is like family. From our first conversation with the Kinship team, hearing how much they are committed to raising the bar in this sector and helping pet parents take better care of their pets’ wellness immediately resonated with us,” said Nicole Pfeifer, VP, Consumer at SourceCode. “As our consumer portfolio continues to grow, Kinship is an exciting addition for a number of reasons, and we’re thrilled to be able to reach a new generation of pet parents with stories about how Kinship can help their fur babies live longer, happier, and healthier lives.”

SourceCode, founded in 2017, has a legacy of bringing disruptive brands in the consumer space to the forefront of their respective industries, including consumer clients such as Kinship. The agency has been recognized for its notable work with consumer and B2B clients, taking home best consumer campaign of the year for Everlast Worldwide’s “Be First” Campaign at PRovoke Media’s 2020 SABREAwards North America, and coming in second place nationally and fourth globally in PRovoke Media’s Global PR Agency Rankings 2020. SourceCode also took home the honor of being named PRWeek’s 2020 US Outstanding Boutique Agency. 

For more information, visit www.sourcecodecommunications.com.

SourceCode Communications Joins Inaugural Mental Health Action Day as Organization Partner

In partnership with over 1000 brands, nonprofits, cultural leaders and government agencies, SourceCode Communications is proud to be a partner in the first-ever Mental Health Action Day. Taking place on Thursday, May 20, we will encourage and empower people to take the next step for #MentalHealthAction.

With May marking Mental Health Awareness Month, Mental Health Action Day is a new open-source movement for shifting cultural awareness to action on mental health, aimed at addressing the rising global mental health crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Last year was unlike any other; the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on how we work and connect within society was immeasurable. But more than that, it forced us to reflect on the state of our own mental health. That is why SourceCode Communications is proud to join the movement of brands, organizations, and cultural leaders to propel awareness into action, empowering our employees and peers to take some much needed time to focus on their mental health,” said Rebecca Honeyman, Co-Founder. 

Mental Health Action Day is being planned and prepared with the support of TaskForce, a cultural organizing agency that builds capacity for those taking on the most pressing challenges facing our industries, communities, nation and world. To learn more about Mental Health Action Day, visit www.MentalHealthActionDay.org or you can follow along at #MentalHealthAction.

To learn more about SourceCode Communications, reach out to the team at hello@sourcecodecomms.com

Appointed Impact’s US PR Agency of Record, SourceCode Communications Further Expands Customer Experience Portfolio

NEW YORKMay 13, 2021SourceCode Communications today announced that it has been selected as the communications agency of record for Impact, the global leader in partnership automation, offering brands, publishers, and agencies world-class technology solutions to successfully manage and grow their partnerships. The relationship officially kicked off in February, with the agency focusing on announcing that Impact was joining Shopify Plus as Certified App Partner for Influencer and Affiliate Marketing, along with announcing the acquisitions of Trackonomics and Affluent

“When looking for a PR agency, we knew early on that SourceCode would be the ideal partner for us, one that immediately understood our business model and could position us for success as we scale and grow globally,” said Cristy Garcia, VP of Marketing at Impact. “The team has been quick to provide suggestions while also moving swiftly on the three announcements we have made just in the last year. We’re excited for this partnership and can’t wait to see what kind of continued success we have working together.”  

The global leader in Partnership Automation, Impact has been transforming the way enterprises manage and optimize all types of partnerships — including affiliate, influencer, and more — since its founding in 2008. Through an integrated end-to-end solution called the Partnership Cloud™, Impact accelerates enterprise growth by automating the full partnership life cycle, including discovery, recruitment, contracting, engagement, fraud protection, optimization, and payment processing. 

“At SourceCode, we understand the entire breadth of the customer journey, so we were naturally thrilled at the opportunity to work with Impact,” said Sara Ajemian, who leads SourceCode’s Insights & Engagement practice. “The advertising industry continues to face a significant upheaval this year as brands still struggle with reacting to the changing landscape of customer engagement. Through partnerships, however, companies are beginning to thrive again, and our team is excited to amplify Impact’s perspective about why the partnership ecosystem is critical today, and in the future.”

Founded in 2017, SourceCode has disrupted the technology PR industry through its innovative storytelling in both the B2B and consumer spaces. The agency’s budding Insights & Engagement practice consists of a group of clients using emerging technologies to better understand and deliver seamless customer experiences, including digital product analytics leader Heap, boutique ecommerce marketplace Jane, and Speechmatics, the UK leading provider of any-context speech recognition technology.

In the last year, the agency has won more than 20 awards,  taking home best consumer campaign of the year for Everlast Worldwide’s “Be First” Campaign at PRovoke Media’s 2020 SABREAwards North America, and coming in second place nationally and fourth globally in PRovoke Media’s Global PR Agency Rankings 2020. SourceCode, PRWeek’s 2020 US Outstanding Boutique Agency, was recently identified by the publication as the 6th fastest growing agency globally and is on track for further growth in 2021. 

SourceCode’s Diversity Marketing Consortium wins PR Agency Citizenship award at this year’s SABRE Awards

SourceCode is thrilled to share that we have just won the PR Agency Citizenship award at PRovoke’s 2021 SABRE Awards for our work with the Diversity Marketing Consortium. The award highlighted the DMC’s work in breaking down systemic barriers and helping underrepresented entrepreneurs thrive. 

The 2021 North American SABRE Awards recognizes anyone working in the PR, advertising, digital and social media, marketing, corporate communications, investor relations, public affairs, employee communications or any other field related to branding, reputation management and stakeholder engagement. 

SourceCode united with employee experience agency Cheer Partners, influencer agency Social Studies, and performance marketing agency Superbolt last July to form The Diversity Marketing Consortium in partnership with Harlem Capital Partners (HCP), an early-stage venture capital firm. The DMC was started as a direct result of the past year’s events that highlighted the ways in which women and minorities don’t have the same equal access to opportunities. Originally, the DMC committed to providing $1.5 million in marketing services to diverse founders over the course of two years. However, in October, the DMC expanded in response to overwhelming demand, and is now offering $3 million in pro bono marketing and legal services over the next two years. 

The DMC is also now supported by Integrated communications agency Clarity, purpose-driven communications and marketing agency Peppercomm, creative communications agency Praytell, and communications agency Racepoint Global, working in tandem with the original partners to provide support to minority and women-led startups in the United States. Davis & Gilbert will also offer legal consultation to startups that work with the Diversity Marketing Consortium.

We couldn’t be more excited to have won this SABRE award and share it with our partners! Thank you to PRovoke for the recognition and congratulations to the other SABRE winners.

To learn more about SourceCode Communications, please drop us a line at hello@sourcecodecomms.com, we’d love to chat with you. 

PRWeek Recognizes SourceCode Communications as the Seventh Fastest Growing Agency in the US

The team is pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, SourceCode has been recognized as one of the fastest growing agencies in the US with 49% growth in revenue and 23% growth in staff. 

SourceCode Managing Partner, Greg Mondshein named to PRWeek’s 2020 40 under 40 list last August, shared his thoughts on how COVID forced digital transformation across the board, but security is often slower to adapt, calling out some client insights and trends to keep in mind. 

“2020 was a year unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, and yet I am so proud of how our team persevered and prevailed through it all. To sustain such a high ranking in our 3rd [calendar] year of business, it’s an honor to know that the work we do for our clients day-in and day-out is having a real impact on the industry and on our business. When we started this agency, we started with the hope of bringing humanity back into public relations, and I think we’ve succeeded. We’re excited to see what challenges and opportunities next year brings.” said Becky Honeyman, Co-Founder.  

This year’s report broke down the research and findings across various categories, including COVID-19 responses, Diversity and DE&I stats, corporate, health, tech and consumer trends, and women-led offices, to name a few. 

You can check out the full piece on PRWeek here. Interested in a full view of the agency ranking tables? Click the link here.

Additionally, this month SourceCode was named to Ragan’s 2021 Top Places to Work list and included on PRovoke Media’s 2021 North American PR Agencies of the Year for its Digital Strategy practice. 

Want to know more about our growing team? Feel free to drop us a line at hello@sourcecodecomms.com